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Today is a new day! I think I should announce my intention to move hosts! I am moving to Tumblr which is a little more low maintenance. Follow me there friends. You can still comment and link and all that good stuff, its just a little easier for me (hopefully). If it doesn't work out, I'll move back, but I'll announce it on that blog.

Change your bookmarks!
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My puppy passed away today.
Best dog in the world.

I live a rather hug-less existence because I'm far away from most hug-able friends/family so I could use your thought-hugs.

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My best friend has moved away. I wasn't really ready for how lonely it would feel. I keep thinking "oh! I want to go do that" but then I think: "who with?" Everybody is too busy.

I have other friends, but it is definitely a very lonely feeling to not have a best friend live within hang-out distance. I don't want to seem clingy with my other friends either (now that Meredith is gone). *sigh*

When I watch Friends I'm super jealous. Where's my group? I want to go to hockey games and the movies and to the gym with people. I guess I'll just have to forge ahead by myself.
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In about a week I'm going to travel home to say goodbye to my aged Golden Retriever, Sandy. Since I learned about his lymphoma I keep imagining him and I just sitting in a green field on the island where I'm from, just thinking and sitting with one another. Maybe his head is resting on my knee and he's softly snoring. I pet him one last time and he looks up at me and smiles that indescribable smile that only dogs can manage; the one that conveys absolute love, loyalty and friendship. Then a breeze comes along and he disappears into the blowing grass.

I think that I am projecting my one mortality onto my beloved friend and seeing how I would like to spend my own last moments. Either way, saying good bye to him in a green field of softly swaying grasses in the sun seems just right.