Today I feel like I'll never stop being sick and the glow in my skin and hair will never come back and the day when I fly across the ocean to have a whirlwind romantic adventure will never come.

It's not a fun feeling. In fact, it's downright depressing. So I did what I do when I feel absolutely horrible... Do something OUTRAGEOUSLY silly.

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Hello Fudge Muffins,
I am almost done my very very sparse Christmas shopping. Meredydd and I decided to get all our Xmas presents from the same website on the same order so we could get free shipping. muahahha. Meredydd knows exactly when I'm getting her for Exmas. It is the lovely buttered toast wallet you see above. Sadly I could only get very cheap XMas presents for a few people. I have holiday stationary from a while ago and I intend to send Xmas cards to all my lovelies with a special Xmassy note, but sadly no goodies. You know, because of the christmas adventure.

Speaking of Christmas adventure. I got paid today and put about $800 into my line of credit to help pay for the ticket. Joel said he is paying for as much as he can while we're there but I still want to be able to pay my own way just in case. I will also send everyone lovely postcards of the places I'm going.

I met with Kat's wonderful beautiful Mum today and she graciously signed my passport papers as a guarantor. We chatted too and talked about hostelling. She told me about how she lived in a hsotel for about a month and met a ton of great people. I can attest to the fact that you will meet the most extraordinary people in hostels. It takes a lot of huevos to fill your backpack and experience the world. It sounds like a ton of fun, but its a scary thing. I'm actually quite terrified and I'm only doing it for two weeks.

In other extraordinary news, my current favourite blog has updated. Yes, the hilarious UPSIDE DOWN DOGS BLOG! I cannot express how much I am amused by upsidedowndogs. It make the internet a better place. It's making my horrific sinus infection not so bad.