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X MAZ LisT '06

  • Duo Student Membership to the Canadian Museum of Civ/War
  • New earbud headphones
  • RAM upgrade
  • Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride PC (shut up -_-)
  • iTunes Music Card
  • New oil paints
  • New paintbrush
  • Michael's giftcard so I can get new oil paints and new paintbrush
  • Spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, etc
  • Another year of lj membership with 100 userpics (doesn't expire until August, but it can't hurt to pay for another year now)
  • George Forman grill (small one)
  • TS2 Seasons Expansion (pending release date)
  • The Office DVD (Seasons 1 & 2... or just 1 or 2)
  • A new, high quality umbrella. (Really, a super good one, because I've gone through two cheap, crappy ones already.)
  • This Jon Stewart tee
  • Gift card for Montana's
I'll update more later when I think of more stuff.... Time to get back to the damn boring essay....
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Ok. So Sue and I wandered in the rain to the Rideau Centre so I could investigate the sims 2 pets situation. (You know you have a good roommate when...) We discovered that it doesn't ship in Canada until tomorrow! He told me that it should be in by tomorrow afternoon. It kind of works out better that way because I have to write an essay and study tonight. Plus, I am finished at 2:30 tomorrow, so I can go pick it up. I don't have to be in class on Thursday until 1pm so I can stay up late playing it too. Tomorrow is the Ice Cream Social too though. But, as my hot r.a. told me, there's time for both. Sue and I think he's gayer than the day is long, but he is nice to look at and really friendly. *high five*
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Alrighty. I have to finish this essay. It's about half way done, but it's sooo boring. I also have to study for my Latin quiz tomorrow. I wish I could take the pussy way out and drop it. I just dont want to lost the credit. Everyone just drops stuff if it's too hard or too challenging. I wish people could just finish what they started. You know, like soldier through it. I don't really know how this prof marks, but she doesn't seem too hard. I think I'm doing ok though. As long as she doesn't get bored or offended I'm okay.

Effing Maxis. I want the game in Effing Canada now!

EDIT: I should also add that I'm moving all my music files to my external harddrive so I wont be able to listen to iTunes for another 197 minutes. (It's already taken hours... there's a lot of music...) Anyway, it's going to suck trying to put all my music on iTunes again. *sigh* Oh well, I'll have more precious space....