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Smello everyone.

Spy on Ottawa with the following live webcams:

Confederation Park
Parliament Hill
National War Memorial
National Gallery of Canada

I want a room with a whole bunch of big tvs displaying all of Ottawa. I can just look out over the city. I can know when the vendor has fresh veggie dogs ready and then zoom down and get them. Muahhaha.

Also, a panda was born in the San Diego zoo. It's not being named until it's 100 days old. WOOO PANDAS

Gah, I have to get showered, dress, and give the apartment a quick tidy. Meredith cleaned the other day so it's pretty good, but I don't want it to get icky. I dusted the inside of the fan and it was GROSSS! I can't believe we were breathing that crap. Well, I'm off.
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Firstly, let it be known that I can't take a picture of myself. At all. I can't do it.

I don't want to talk about it.

Hopefully you've noticed that I do my hair better than the stylist. He flat ironed it and it just made my head look huge. I use this lightweight rootbooster stuff, and it's EXCELLENT. It's the end of the day, so my hair has fallen since I did it at 8am, but it still looks pretty good.

Secondly, I went to Sue's for supper. We made chicken alfredo and it was SOO good. She has a really nice stove. I want a new stove. *cries*

I'm opening on the morrow. I should probably catch some REMs.

P.S. When I come home from work and shed all my clothing, the kitties snuggle in them because they are warm and smell like me. This is adorable.
1. Stand slightly to the side and place one foot in front of the other.
2. Hold arms slightly away from body.
3. Put your shoulders back, your chest out, and gently suck in tummy. (Can't see through baggy tshirt.)
4. Stick your chin out away from your neck.
5. Turn away until the last second, then whip your head around and SMILE!

There you go.

Sadly, this bundle of hotness is off to Montreal until Saturday. And then I'm leaving on Monday, so alas, we shall not be together. She will have to do cat litter, which is gross. Muahahah.
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Firstly, Olivia tried to crawl into Meredith's shoe this evening. It was hilarious and adorable and I snapped a picture.

Secondly, today the kid (Josh) from Ben and Jerry's gave me free ice cream and I was overjoyed. OVERJOYED! Also, apparently they get to go on Facebook,etc while at work. I KNOW! I'm jealous too. Anyway, he was talking about this creepy lady who hangs at the mall all the time, who is called "Grudge Lady" and how she loves Cherry Garcia... and then out of nowhere, his nose started bleeding! Really bad! We think that Grudge Lady was in the mall and put a hex on him.

Just what you craved when you awoke this morn wasn't it?

  1. Wallet- has all my monetary/discount card/receipt holding needs covered
  2. Beauty Club card- never know when you're going to need a quick wax or some emergency professional makeup application
  3. GIANT Elvis sunglasses- because of those DAMN RAYS OF SUNLIGHT
  4. Ibprofen- mainly because other people ask for it... not because I use it.
  5. Hairbrush- never use
  6. Day planner- controls my life. would fall apart without it.
  7. Burt's Bees product... (hand lotion, skin salve, lip chap)
  8. Crossword book- I'm hopelessly addicted.
  9. The Adventure's of Sherlock Holmes- read this on the bus, before bed, etc
  10. Annie's FM transmitter that she left when visited last (whcih I wholey intend to return)
  11. Bus pass- I'm in BIG trouble without this
  12. Hair elastic- I hate this hair elastic and never use it. I don't know why it's in my purse
  13. Cell phone- I'm in big trouble without this too. This is my phonebook, my secondary organization source, and my watch
  14. Mini-deoderant stick- Just in case
  15. Giant hairclip which I like better than hair elastic.
  16. iPod- for the bus mainly. I love this little guy
  17. pen- for crosswords and daybook
Don't ask how this came about or why... But I have a sudden urge for all things FITZWILLIAM!!

From his wikipedia entry:

  • Full Name: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Gentleman
  • Income: £10,000/year
  • Carriage(s) Owned: Curricle at Pemberley
  • Primary Residence: Pemberley House in Derbyshire
It seems I am not alone:

Mr Darcy, the dashing hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, has topped a survey of fictional characters women would most like to go on a date with.
Austen's creation beat other fictional heroes, such as James Bond and Superman, in the poll of more than 1900 women.Mr Darcy, the dashing hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, has topped a survey of fictional characters women would most like to go on a date with.
Austen's creation beat other fictional heroes, such as James Bond and Superman, in the poll of more than 1900 women.

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This morning I watched this thing on Discovery channel about the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot. Now I love them so deeply. . . I went on Meredith's computer and made this her wallpaper to make her aware of the shrinking Vancouver Island Marmot population.


Also, at work the other day I shocked everyone by doing that rap out of the Backstreet Boy song "Get Down"... In response, Patrick sang Fergalicious. The. Whole. Thing.

Russell Brand, my love,
They say you have a tiny...
Well you know... small thing.

The a/c just made crackling sounds and DIED. Died like Bambi's mom.
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I came home and almost tucked in to some Kraft Dinner, when my Aunt Kathy from Toronto calls. They are in town over at the Minto Place, so I met up with them. Little Jake desperately wanted some Micky Dees, so we went to the one on Bank and chowed down.

Then we went over to the Parliament Buildings for the light show but were about twenty minutes early. Kathy took a gazillion pictures and then we watched the light show. It's a short film about Canada's history and culture, etc. At the end Oh Canada comes on and it's sooo beautiful, I secretly teared up a bit. I don't think Meredith likes it, but it's because her heart is cold.

Uncle Richard is definitely one of my faves. A) He's hilarious B) He and I have the most random conversations.

Exhibit A:

*at the parliament buildings*

Richard: What is that music? Stompin Tom Connors? No, no... that's not it.
Me: I love the architecture here. So beautiful.
Richard: Who the hell is it. It will come to me.
Me: The doors, I loove the doors...
Richard: No, no... it's not The Doors.
Me: No. The actual doors. The architecture of them.
*a moment of silence passes*
Richard: If that gargoyle fell, it could kill a man. *sound effect with fist punching palm movement*

KD in my tum!
You never settle well there...
Yet I still eat you.
Today Sue and I met up and had drinks at The Blue Cactus. We also had some calimari with this excellent asian dipping sauce. They also served tortilla with an amazing guacamole which had some kind of melon topping it. I never thought to add a sweet fruit to guacamole and you can bet I'm doing it in the future. I also had a Bailey's Banana Colada. A chick drink if I ever tasted one, but it was wonderful. I think I'm going to forward the recipe to mum and dad. It's right up their alley. Sue and I talked about her niece and nephew and her family stuff and I talked about how I hate boys but love them also... gawd they're stupid.

My Nina Simone
CD is the greatest friend
A girly could have!