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Wow, this video from fox news just blows my mind.

Ed Begley Jr. (an actor I LURVE) was on Stu's show talking about global warming. Ed was talking about the importance of basing your opinions on peer reviewed studies, not the news or a fancy actor like him. He also said its important to be sceptical but not be in denial. Stu kept asking EdBeg if "the debate was over" and he responded that people should go check out the science, read the studies and be informed by climate scientists, not actors or newscasters.

Stu hit a chord when he asked why Ed has to "impose" his green living on everyone else. Ed lost his shit. Stu complained that he didn't want a warning label on his house and he didn't want energy audits. Ed asked why he wouldn't want to cut his energy costs in half and run his house more efficiently? Stu also flipped out a bit and cried, "The government is telling me I may not have incandescent lights!!!" The horror.

"What kind of American believes that the government should come right into a house and say 'you can't have that kind of light bulb'?" Ohhh Stu, get with the times, The only places incandescent light bulbs show up anymore is over thoughtful noggins.

Ed made references to other technologies that were thought to be too costly, but proved to save lives. (Is green living a metaphorical seatbelt?)

Stu kind of summed up his argument with "I want to be left alone. I don't want to be pushed around by the government, or you, or anybody else."

Ed let his emotions get the better of him, bu I can see why he was so frustrated. He truly believes that we have a responsibility to preserve the environment and not pollute it, whether not global warming "exists" and Stu is just calling it all bunk.

Oh, we're not all doomed? FALSE ALARM! Go back to being wasteful, dirty pigs!!!

P.S. Bill Nye and EdBedJr are bff and neighbours and in a competition to see who can have the lowest carbon footprint. lol
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No days off for xmas. Things got a little dramatic at work, but I guess its best to just deal with it like a grown up... AND BOOK OFF ALL OF READING WEEK! *sigh* I need to do penance to my friends and family in Picton. I am all reclusive when I go because I'm going just to see certain people or help my Mooma and Moopaa. Hopefully it will all work out.

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Is it just me, or is this the best Michael York impression of ALL TIME. (The voice, not the get up.)

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Hi peeps.
Annie, Alysson and I had a livejournal community set up for us to share our legacies and sims and stuff. Alysson's internet is crappy so she can't troll custom content sites all the time so I have been posting Sims 3 CC finds there. I'm hoping it won't get huge or anything, but if you want to take a peek go ahead. It was a private community but we've decided to make it open but with posting access to just the three of us.

It says "simsTWOboogaloo" because when we started the community there was only sims 2. Now we have sims 3 and we don't really care about the name of the community. Besides Sims3Boogaloo doesn't rhyme.

Anyway here is the crappy header I made and the link to the livejournal community. :)
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I was so pretty in highschool. It was only 5 years ago so I probably look the same under the 40 lbs of university, stress, and alcohol. When I'm not sick anymore I am SO going to the gym. I am my own thinspiration!
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Brad Pitt went as DJ Lance Rock!!!
(Don't ask why I've seen Yo Gabba Gabba!)

Love it!
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People think its all a joke. It isn't. This sucks ass. I wish people would take it seriously. I've spent the whole week inside and alone, bored and tired and sick- but the way other sick people are acting I might as well go cough on all the fruit in the grocery store. Its not about you or me, but its about preventing it from spreading to people who may not be able to handle it... like kids, older people, people with weaker immune systems.

Worst fucking Halloween ever.