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Hello my friend! (Possibly the creepiest greeting ever.)

I've spent about an hour just ripping through my apartment looking for AA batteries to put in my camera. I feel like some kind of drug addict looking for... drugs. I used to be such a camera whore and my computer was full of pictures of me but my laptop's built in webcam is CRAAAAP and my real digital camera is CRAAAP (and is a glutton for the AAs... I don't mean the bra size! ba dum dum...). So anyway, I found five AAs and try them all and they are DEAD. I'm thinking about getting rechargeable ones because I use them so much. I know I worked in a hardware store and should know, but are they much more expensive? Because I'm dirt poor.

Today Meredith and I went to The Market and had lunch and cocktails and it was pleasant. Afterwards we went and got a little indoor herb growing kit for us to nurture this summer. THEN we went and split a small Tin Roof Blizzard. It was delicious. I also bought the new sims stuff pack because I'm also a junkie for that and there is a promotion on where if you buy two sims games you get one free and the sales associate was all: "PROMOTION!" and I whispered: "I have them all already." and he was like" Ahh...."

Sooo, later on I went and wrote my Witchcraft exam and I think I did very well. I feel quite confident and my professor gave me an encouraging wink when I handed it in. *le sigh*

For supper Meredith and I went to the Royal Oak for some cheap pub grub and patio loving. Crappy campus bars are starting to grow on me. How sad.

Tomorrow morning she has an exam at 9:30 and she, Alex, and I are going to Zak's afterwards for some breakfast/lunch. That means I have to wake up in like 6-7 hours. Ew. Worse for her I guess because she has to write an American Lit exam. I will be spending all day tomorrow studying for Fantasy Lit, which is at least interesting... some of it. I'm doing quite well in the course so if I don't do so well on the exam it's okay. It's alarming that I can do so well in a fantasy lit course without reading Lord of the Rings.