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Today mom and I went to the Black River Cheese Factory and consumed obscene amounts. I'm going to have freaky-ass dreams. On our way home we saw turkeys and mom had to chase them for a bit. I have video/pictures on my phone but I'm waiting until I get home to upload them. There is a picture of Black River.... And yes, that is the surrounding bits of humanity.

In other news, a neighbouring child came to visit my mom today. It's sooo funny because she totally fits the stereotype of the community witch. The girl, Mikaila, came in and played with the dogs. Then mom fed her fruit and chocolate fudge and stuff and then showed her all the Halloween decorations. It was really adorable but the townsfolk are going to think that she's trying to lure children into her home in order to bake them into pies or cook them in stews. I can just see some parent freaking out when their child tells them:

"Mrs. Stanley gave me this charm to ward of mischievous spirits!"

Another odd thing, their house is SURROUNDED by frogs. Frogs, if you don't know, are excellent news... divination wise. They represent a lot of really wonderful things. Fertility, regeneration, luck, joy...

Tomorrow Annie and I are going to Bergeron's Exotic Animal Sanctuary. It will remind me of Boosh Series 1. I want to work in a zoo I think. Anyway, I thought I'd do a little wildlife photography of the animals here, but they weren't to exciting.... or enthused about me taking their pictures.
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The Earth is done for,
And I'm stuck on this ship now.
Looking back at it.

A big empty void
Is where our planet once was.
Now just a dead rock.

All of it is gone.
We'll never see it again.
Looking from afar.

(That picture is from my East Coast vacation with my family. My sister, mother, and I standing in mud at low tide. It's home to the highest tides in the world you know.)

So today is Blog Action Day, and I'm participating by writing a poem about the future when our planet is uninhabitable and we have to vacate the premises. It would be upsetting and horrific. Think of all the great things that have happened here. I was born here, my grandparents were born here. My entire genetic history was born here and so was yours. I imagine it would be akin to seeing your entire life burn up- reduced to a few pictures in a backpack and a pair of clean socks.

To counteract this bleak and dim future, I suggest changing some small stuff about your daily routine. I'm no environmental expert, but here is a link to Lifehacker's 10 Easy Ways To Go Green article.

To get you in an Earth saving mood, watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth... it's SUPER cheap and stuff. Plus, there's this sad bit involving a polar bear which will kick your butt into shape, man.

"You see that pale, blue dot? That's us. Everything that has ever happened in all of human history, has happened on that pixel. All the triumphs and all the tragedies, all the wars all the famines, all the major advances... it's our only home. And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization. I believe this is a moral issue, it is your time to cease this issue, it is our time to rise again to secure our future. " -Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, 2006.
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Blah, so many of you know that me and my philosophy prof don't get on so well, mainly on account of him being a poor, sad philosophy professor and me... well being the opposite really. He mocks my lifestyle choices and pretty much uses Greek philosophy to validate his own life. In any case, as you can guess whenever he starts lecturing me in front of the class about what Antisthenes would think of my life (and I can tell you, he probably wouldn't think too highly of it) my eyes sort of glaze over and I think about how I am really craving some kind of cola, and when he's done his elitist diatribe I will go to the machine and procure one.

In any case, I do actually enjoy philosophy and I want to do well in the course. So I've been going through old philosophy notes and looking on the internet to get a better understanding of the different schools of thought. Well, being lazy, I ended up on Wikipedia. I realized my mistake the second I looked at the page:


Ok, I like shoes!
I like gadgets and booze!
You are an old fart.

(The sad part is, he isn't even old... maybe early thirties...)
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My mum has been telling me to do this handwriting analysis thing, so I have. The analysis is quite long (for one blog entry anyway) so for those of you who are curious (Mom) I've posted it here. It's like a bloody essay on my personality. Most of it true, thought I don't like to admit it.

For the rest of you, go here to get your handwriting analysis.

Also, here is a painting that I'm working on right now:

The six hearts floating are important. The one she's holding is being let go gently into the waves, sent out into the world. She's afraid she won't get it back in one piece. Totally emo, but totally expressing myself so there.

I still need to do all the wee details. Right now it's just sort of shapes hanging out and stewing together. I really like the linear/blue background and then the curvaceousness of the frothy sea waves and the woman and her hair.

The truth is out now
Written out on the pages
A white void of thought.

Russ! I used VOID in a poem! What do you think that poetry teacher would think about that!?? She can't do anything about it! I'm a POET MAVERICK!
For some reason on Blogger, all my pictures get cut off. I refuse to shrink them. If you wish to see the entire picture, just open the image location in a new window.

Blogger! Don't try to make me conform... it's not going to happen.
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You probably thing this song is about you!!

Use lots of hairspray!
Don't use an aerosol can,
You'll make a sky hole!
Stumbled upon this and found it uplifting.

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Well I think I see another side
Maybe just another light that shines
And I look over now through the door
And I still belong to no one else
Maybe I hold you to blame for all the reasons that you left.
And close my eyes till I see your surprise
And you're leaving before my time.
Baby wont you change your mind?

Surely don't stay long I'm missing you now.
Its like I told you I'm over you somehow
Before I close the door
I need to hear you say goodbye.
Baby wont you change your mind?
I guess that hasn't changed someone
Maybe nobody else could understand
I guess that you believe you are a woman
And that I am someone else's man
But just before I see that you leave
I want you to hold on to things that you said
Baby I wish I were dead.
Surely don't stay long I'm missing you now.
Its like I told you I'm over you somehow
Before I close the door
I need to hear you say goodbye

Baby wont you change your mind?

Meredith is sitting at my window in a hoodie, watching people outside... in a v. creepy fashion. Now she's singing horribly out of tune and it is not conducive to writing a blog entry. It's very distracting. I have just kicked her out of my room... but she just crawled onto my bed and laid in a fetal position... now she's trying on some of my clothing. She wants to start a podcast. All depends on if my laptop's microphone is decent enough.

P.S. I'm wearing a crown. I wear it a lot. I have delusions of grandeur. Well, delusions in general.
Sometimes I see a
Little fluff float by my head.
Am I the Deathstar?

(P.S. In my head the fluffs are tiny renegade fighter jets.)