This is copied from my LJ and not posted on Myspace because of creepy stalkerdom.

7:50- Wake up
8:15- Leave for exam
8:30 10:00- Write exam.
10:30- Shower

11:00- Start laundry.
Two loads (dark/colours & towels/runningshoes)
Use dryer (put jeans in separate dryer)
Maybe do Durkheim paper while doing laundry

13:00- Finish laundry
15:00- Go get bus tickets with Meredith
15:30- Catch bus.

16:00- MUSEUM CIV. (Bring camera to catch all the hilarious moments and "That's What She Said" moments.)

Be home for 20:30 when The Office starts. (Annie, tape it in case I dont make it home in time!) Woo for the Joss Whedon episode.

Aaanyway, that's my day in a nutshell. It's gettin off to a rocky start as I was supposed to be in bed ten minutes ago. If I sleep through my exam I may DIE. I'm kind of worried about it because it's one of those profs who try to make things waaay more complicated then they need to be. I can know all the material and still fail the exam b/c I can't make out exactly what she's asking me.

I.E. How did Socrates die?
A) Suicide
B) Muder
C) Hemlock

Technically Hemlock killed him, but he was forced to drink it... So it could also be considered murder or suicide. I would pick C because it's what ACTUALLY killed him... But the prof would be choose a different answer. And it's a scantron so a computer is marking and I can't put down reasoning next to my answer.

Gah. I need some sleep.

P.S. I tried to use all my valentine's day icons in the last few days. Sorry if some of them went to waste.