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I'm at home. I didn't sleep at all the night before last (well maybe 2 or 3 hours). I was dead tired. I went to the train station a few hours early and wasn't even first in line. (I hate when I'm not first!!) I had a wee sandwich and some juice at about 10am. I tried to watch Transformers on the train but I kept falling asleep so I eventually just listed to the Mighty Boosh radio show while I slept (always bizarre dreamwise).

Then when I got to Picton I was starving and we didn't eat until about 7pm. I ate so much I was sick. (Sadly, only one helping.) I can't eat even a 1/4 of what I used to. It's sad because I want to eat a little bit of everything buy my stomach isn't big enough. Oh man... As soon as I'm done this I'm DEF going to get foodyfood.

Then I had a bath with lots of oils and a bath bomb and soaps and hair conditioners from Lush. One of them left me ridiculously sparkly. It's like there was a sparkle in every pore and I glowed top from bottom. Very strange. I fell asleep around 9ish.

I woke up and heard a tv on in the kitchen. I thought maybe it was 6 and my dad was up. (I didn't have a clock.) So I wandered out and it was 3am. My dad's sleeping machine was broken or something so he was watching Mythbusters. We watched until about 4am. Then I crawled back into bed with Sandy and slept until 1pm. I haven't slept that much in forever. (At night anyway.)

Then I called Alysson and we talked about our puppies. Sandy hasn't left my side since I got here and I've been snuggling him nonstop. I missed my pupup sooo much. He's in bed with me right now. I forgot that he snores and it's only gotten worse with age, but it doesn't make it hard to sleep.
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Hey gang! I'm pretty exhausted from writing term papers and playing videogames (my life is a difficult one). In any case, my mother has pointed out that most of the things I want don't really ship to Canada in an easy way. So, for her convenience, I've decided to make a CANADIAN LIST! woo.

P.S. If you care, the current papers I'm writing are about a)Marcus Aurelius and b) The Comparison of Ancient Mayan and Ancient Greek Architecture!


The Sims 2 Castaway
I thought long and hard about if I really wanted it... and after seeing the trailer I def. need to have it.

The Sims 2 Teen Style Pack
Don't judge me. I have an addiction... and it's to getting NEW ITEMS WOO! In other news, my Legacy is at Gen6. I bet I will be finished by the end of xmas break. Annie, I propose a race!

Scented Candles!!

I love having different smells around. If you are used to smelling one scent or candle or whatever, you stop getting that pleasant olfactory pleasure. Many candles: Manly pleasures. (Also, here is another Canadian link to more wonderfully smelly things.)

Hot Rollers
To make my hair HUGE and curly!

Bedside Table Reading Lamp
I have one at my desk, but I don't have one for my bed. A must-have for every reader!

Many, many, MANY of these please. I will pack 1/4 of my suitcase in anticipation of bringing home many tins o' cookie.

iPod Docking Clock Radio

My old alarm clock is dead... Kicked the bucket... Sold the farm... Sleeping with the fishes. Plus, it didn't play my iPod, did it?

Back Scrubber and Bath Lily
(I put them together bc they are both scrubbing items... items who scrub.) Also my old loofa has gone the way of my old clock radio, so it would be nice to have a new one. Also, how do the centre of backs get truly clean if they can't be scrubbed with a cactus body brush?

Mid Level Dedicated Graphics Card

It's nice to have beautiful graphics on a notebook. Sooo nice. Also, Mom... Dad... You probably don't know what this is, so here is a link explaining it all. Also, if you ask me, I can send you the dxdiag (everything the Futureshop Guy needs to know about my computer) file.

New Thermos
For all my liquid containing needs. Also, preferably one that a) fits in my backpack beverage holster and b) doesn't look like a sex toy.

Area Rug
Now that I've reorganized my bedroom, I have a big open space in the centre. It's cold on the feet. Plus the cats need a new place to barf.
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1. Ewan McGregor

He's always been my number one. He always will be. There is something about the Scotch bastard that I just love. Maybe it's his eyes or his half smile that just sets me at ease. To me he is perfection. Not thin not fat not muscley not wirey. Not GORGEOUS not ugly not plain. He doesn't look overly old he doesn't look very young. He is secure in his masculinity. He's silly, confident, spontaneous, adventurous... I don't even know where to stop.

2. Russell Brand

He's hilarious. He's a self-righteous cunt. He probably thinks he's way more important than he actually is... but he has this sex appeal that is hard to describe. (P.S. I found an unflattering picture of him in jeans and a tshirt. Also, in tighty whiteys...) Also, I know his look is completely manufactured and I dont care.

3. Noel Fielding

He's a bigger whore than me and looks the part. He plays my twin Vince Noir... We're like budgies. He's a bit wirey, but forgiveably so. I pretty much would shag him for his hilariousness. Maybe if he sang me a song... Did a little dance (scratch that, he's a horific dancer). Unfortunately he's dating (IMO) the fugliest girl known to man, and when an adorable celebrity guy does that, odds are he's gayer than the gay is long.

Also, if we shagged I'd make him talk like Old Greg... A hottie in his/her own right, despite the downstairs mixup.
Here he is cuddling with Julian Barratt. I'd also shag him all night dressed up like this.

4. Adam Baldwin

Oh my god I love him. I can't tell anyone how much I love him. He's enormous bod, he's gruff angry voice. This one time he was on Bones and Annie and I called eachother instantly to discuss it... Meredith was upset.

5. John Krasinski

The adorable, dorky, everyman who plays Jim and "that adorable, dorky, everyman" in a million crappy romcoms. Something about him is just... GAH. When Ewan is gone, JKras will take over as my perfect dream guy.

6. Colin Firth
Of all the men on my shag list, Colin is on my "marryable" list. He is what all the other men are on this list (except he probably isn't violent, has no trace of glam in him, and can't talk like The Voice of Jazz). He is mature is what I'm trying to say, yet still has a small tightwad english boy inside him.

7. Bruce Campbell
Nuff said... Ahoy...

8. David Bowie

"He has the amulet! He is the chosen one!"

He's biting a bum here.

9. Nathan Fillion

He's another everyman on my list. Also, he has tight pants and has a visibly ENORMOUS package. Maybe he's on the marryable list too.

10. Colin Farrell

He smokes. He drinks. He womanizes. He's violent, angry, rough around the edges, hairy, mean He's Irish. In any case, when you see a rare glimpse through the anger and violence, you can see something else. Something very interesting. I can't even describe it. If Farrell was an element he'd be Fire.

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Today mom and I went to the Black River Cheese Factory and consumed obscene amounts. I'm going to have freaky-ass dreams. On our way home we saw turkeys and mom had to chase them for a bit. I have video/pictures on my phone but I'm waiting until I get home to upload them. There is a picture of Black River.... And yes, that is the surrounding bits of humanity.

In other news, a neighbouring child came to visit my mom today. It's sooo funny because she totally fits the stereotype of the community witch. The girl, Mikaila, came in and played with the dogs. Then mom fed her fruit and chocolate fudge and stuff and then showed her all the Halloween decorations. It was really adorable but the townsfolk are going to think that she's trying to lure children into her home in order to bake them into pies or cook them in stews. I can just see some parent freaking out when their child tells them:

"Mrs. Stanley gave me this charm to ward of mischievous spirits!"

Another odd thing, their house is SURROUNDED by frogs. Frogs, if you don't know, are excellent news... divination wise. They represent a lot of really wonderful things. Fertility, regeneration, luck, joy...

Tomorrow Annie and I are going to Bergeron's Exotic Animal Sanctuary. It will remind me of Boosh Series 1. I want to work in a zoo I think. Anyway, I thought I'd do a little wildlife photography of the animals here, but they weren't to exciting.... or enthused about me taking their pictures.
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The Earth is done for,
And I'm stuck on this ship now.
Looking back at it.

A big empty void
Is where our planet once was.
Now just a dead rock.

All of it is gone.
We'll never see it again.
Looking from afar.

(That picture is from my East Coast vacation with my family. My sister, mother, and I standing in mud at low tide. It's home to the highest tides in the world you know.)

So today is Blog Action Day, and I'm participating by writing a poem about the future when our planet is uninhabitable and we have to vacate the premises. It would be upsetting and horrific. Think of all the great things that have happened here. I was born here, my grandparents were born here. My entire genetic history was born here and so was yours. I imagine it would be akin to seeing your entire life burn up- reduced to a few pictures in a backpack and a pair of clean socks.

To counteract this bleak and dim future, I suggest changing some small stuff about your daily routine. I'm no environmental expert, but here is a link to Lifehacker's 10 Easy Ways To Go Green article.

To get you in an Earth saving mood, watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth... it's SUPER cheap and stuff. Plus, there's this sad bit involving a polar bear which will kick your butt into shape, man.

"You see that pale, blue dot? That's us. Everything that has ever happened in all of human history, has happened on that pixel. All the triumphs and all the tragedies, all the wars all the famines, all the major advances... it's our only home. And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization. I believe this is a moral issue, it is your time to cease this issue, it is our time to rise again to secure our future. " -Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, 2006.
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Blah, so many of you know that me and my philosophy prof don't get on so well, mainly on account of him being a poor, sad philosophy professor and me... well being the opposite really. He mocks my lifestyle choices and pretty much uses Greek philosophy to validate his own life. In any case, as you can guess whenever he starts lecturing me in front of the class about what Antisthenes would think of my life (and I can tell you, he probably wouldn't think too highly of it) my eyes sort of glaze over and I think about how I am really craving some kind of cola, and when he's done his elitist diatribe I will go to the machine and procure one.

In any case, I do actually enjoy philosophy and I want to do well in the course. So I've been going through old philosophy notes and looking on the internet to get a better understanding of the different schools of thought. Well, being lazy, I ended up on Wikipedia. I realized my mistake the second I looked at the page:


Ok, I like shoes!
I like gadgets and booze!
You are an old fart.

(The sad part is, he isn't even old... maybe early thirties...)
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My mum has been telling me to do this handwriting analysis thing, so I have. The analysis is quite long (for one blog entry anyway) so for those of you who are curious (Mom) I've posted it here. It's like a bloody essay on my personality. Most of it true, thought I don't like to admit it.

For the rest of you, go here to get your handwriting analysis.

Also, here is a painting that I'm working on right now:

The six hearts floating are important. The one she's holding is being let go gently into the waves, sent out into the world. She's afraid she won't get it back in one piece. Totally emo, but totally expressing myself so there.

I still need to do all the wee details. Right now it's just sort of shapes hanging out and stewing together. I really like the linear/blue background and then the curvaceousness of the frothy sea waves and the woman and her hair.

The truth is out now
Written out on the pages
A white void of thought.

Russ! I used VOID in a poem! What do you think that poetry teacher would think about that!?? She can't do anything about it! I'm a POET MAVERICK!
For some reason on Blogger, all my pictures get cut off. I refuse to shrink them. If you wish to see the entire picture, just open the image location in a new window.

Blogger! Don't try to make me conform... it's not going to happen.
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You probably thing this song is about you!!

Use lots of hairspray!
Don't use an aerosol can,
You'll make a sky hole!
Stumbled upon this and found it uplifting.

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Well I think I see another side
Maybe just another light that shines
And I look over now through the door
And I still belong to no one else
Maybe I hold you to blame for all the reasons that you left.
And close my eyes till I see your surprise
And you're leaving before my time.
Baby wont you change your mind?

Surely don't stay long I'm missing you now.
Its like I told you I'm over you somehow
Before I close the door
I need to hear you say goodbye.
Baby wont you change your mind?
I guess that hasn't changed someone
Maybe nobody else could understand
I guess that you believe you are a woman
And that I am someone else's man
But just before I see that you leave
I want you to hold on to things that you said
Baby I wish I were dead.
Surely don't stay long I'm missing you now.
Its like I told you I'm over you somehow
Before I close the door
I need to hear you say goodbye

Baby wont you change your mind?

Meredith is sitting at my window in a hoodie, watching people outside... in a v. creepy fashion. Now she's singing horribly out of tune and it is not conducive to writing a blog entry. It's very distracting. I have just kicked her out of my room... but she just crawled onto my bed and laid in a fetal position... now she's trying on some of my clothing. She wants to start a podcast. All depends on if my laptop's microphone is decent enough.

P.S. I'm wearing a crown. I wear it a lot. I have delusions of grandeur. Well, delusions in general.
Sometimes I see a
Little fluff float by my head.
Am I the Deathstar?

(P.S. In my head the fluffs are tiny renegade fighter jets.)
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All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. And not just because I made Alexi dress up like a princess at work. (I had princess stuff for me to wear, but then he did too... Oh god, there was a little plastic pink purse and a wand and EVERYTHING!) Not just because I drank a giant girly drink and laughed like a fiend all night and got to witness a car accident (calm down, no one was hurt). For SOOO many reasons.

This was a great bday. (Annie made me this for my bday... she knows how I love Russ.)

Now I have to go to sleep because I work 9am to 3 tomorrow (9th day working straight) and then I have class from 4-5:30pm. I'm sick (I did catch whatever the lad had) and I'm tired, and goddamnit, I'm NOT shaving my legs tomorrow.

P.S. I am quitting EB Games... they want too much of me and I have school to think about. I'm going to miss videogames and all my nerdy friends sooo much, but school comes first.
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So today my parents took me to Michael's (I've had a giftcard from there for about a year now) and I got some new canvas and an easel. I also got this canvas gardening apron that I can put all my brushes and stuff in while I'm painting. We got a new covered kitty litter too so the cats don't destroy the apartment with their poopy smells.

However the best thing today was that my dad got me a new cellphone!!!! I freaking love my parents.

The Sony Ericsson W580i

The picture quality is pretty good, as demostrated by Meredith.

*sigh* Good birthday.... Even though it's not until Sunday.

P.S. Annie, I can't thank you enough for giving me that Lush stuff and the tshirt (nobody knows what Buddha Dog is here). I am definetely addicted to Lush now and it shall bankrupt me in the future.
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Ok, it's only a week until my birthday. I have already gotten:

  • Hair stuff from Annie (THANKS)
  • A new ginormous desk from my parents.
  • Several cards ($20 from my Nana which I promptly gambled away)
  • A lush shopping spree from my mom
  • A beautiful wood carved statue of Siddhartha Guatama
Things I still want for my birthday:
  • car
  • boyfriend
  • playstation 3/wii/and 360 elite
  • trip to space
Also, we are going to Michael's tomorrow and I'm going to pick up some canvas and an easel. I'm sooo excited. I have so much emotion and drama in me to paint. I can't wait. I suddenly feel so envigorated and alive. Must be this crazy hippie conditioner that's in my hair. (Annie's bday present.) Maybe it's because my parents make me feel loved. Both probably.

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So Alysson is here finally. And I'm sooooo unbelievably happy. She came over last night and her, Meredith, and I had a lovely fun drinkfest. Meredith went to work this morning and Alysson went to her first class. I luckily don't have to work until 4pm so I had time to nurse my hangover (which I have only had once or twice before). I went to the bus stop with them and then went to Rideau and picked up a little housewarming gift for Alysson. Then I wandered home and talked to my mom on the phone a bit. Then I staggered across the street and picked up some nice hot soup and a steaming hot green tea. I visited with the girls who work there and we talked about how nice the neighbourhood is and how strong the community was blah blah blah... Anyway, then I stumbled back upstairs and devoured my chunky wonderful soup and the toast. (They packed it in a paper lunch bag for me, how cute!!) Anyway, I've been watching National Geographic all morning. Except for the mocking Curves commercials, I've quite enjoyed it.

I should probably give myself some cold shower time to get ready for work but a) I'll put it off until the last minute like I always do and b) I'm watching The Battleships (Covering the napoleonic wars, the civil war, and the hms deadnought). Before that I watched Mafia Women (Women connected to the criminal underworld talk about their duties) and before that I watched Wild Indonesia..... All in all, good tv.

Ooo! My cell phone rang once and then stopped ringing! WHO WAS IT!??

Also, I heard a low flying plane today and it was deafening. I was so used to it growing up near the military base, but now it's weird.

Also, check out the Bob Dylan Message Generator (via TheGeneratorBlog)

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Smello everyone.

Spy on Ottawa with the following live webcams:

Confederation Park
Parliament Hill
National War Memorial
National Gallery of Canada

I want a room with a whole bunch of big tvs displaying all of Ottawa. I can just look out over the city. I can know when the vendor has fresh veggie dogs ready and then zoom down and get them. Muahhaha.

Also, a panda was born in the San Diego zoo. It's not being named until it's 100 days old. WOOO PANDAS

Gah, I have to get showered, dress, and give the apartment a quick tidy. Meredith cleaned the other day so it's pretty good, but I don't want it to get icky. I dusted the inside of the fan and it was GROSSS! I can't believe we were breathing that crap. Well, I'm off.
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Firstly, let it be known that I can't take a picture of myself. At all. I can't do it.

I don't want to talk about it.

Hopefully you've noticed that I do my hair better than the stylist. He flat ironed it and it just made my head look huge. I use this lightweight rootbooster stuff, and it's EXCELLENT. It's the end of the day, so my hair has fallen since I did it at 8am, but it still looks pretty good.

Secondly, I went to Sue's for supper. We made chicken alfredo and it was SOO good. She has a really nice stove. I want a new stove. *cries*

I'm opening on the morrow. I should probably catch some REMs.

P.S. When I come home from work and shed all my clothing, the kitties snuggle in them because they are warm and smell like me. This is adorable.
1. Stand slightly to the side and place one foot in front of the other.
2. Hold arms slightly away from body.
3. Put your shoulders back, your chest out, and gently suck in tummy. (Can't see through baggy tshirt.)
4. Stick your chin out away from your neck.
5. Turn away until the last second, then whip your head around and SMILE!

There you go.

Sadly, this bundle of hotness is off to Montreal until Saturday. And then I'm leaving on Monday, so alas, we shall not be together. She will have to do cat litter, which is gross. Muahahah.
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Firstly, Olivia tried to crawl into Meredith's shoe this evening. It was hilarious and adorable and I snapped a picture.

Secondly, today the kid (Josh) from Ben and Jerry's gave me free ice cream and I was overjoyed. OVERJOYED! Also, apparently they get to go on Facebook,etc while at work. I KNOW! I'm jealous too. Anyway, he was talking about this creepy lady who hangs at the mall all the time, who is called "Grudge Lady" and how she loves Cherry Garcia... and then out of nowhere, his nose started bleeding! Really bad! We think that Grudge Lady was in the mall and put a hex on him.

Just what you craved when you awoke this morn wasn't it?

  1. Wallet- has all my monetary/discount card/receipt holding needs covered
  2. Beauty Club card- never know when you're going to need a quick wax or some emergency professional makeup application
  3. GIANT Elvis sunglasses- because of those DAMN RAYS OF SUNLIGHT
  4. Ibprofen- mainly because other people ask for it... not because I use it.
  5. Hairbrush- never use
  6. Day planner- controls my life. would fall apart without it.
  7. Burt's Bees product... (hand lotion, skin salve, lip chap)
  8. Crossword book- I'm hopelessly addicted.
  9. The Adventure's of Sherlock Holmes- read this on the bus, before bed, etc
  10. Annie's FM transmitter that she left when visited last (whcih I wholey intend to return)
  11. Bus pass- I'm in BIG trouble without this
  12. Hair elastic- I hate this hair elastic and never use it. I don't know why it's in my purse
  13. Cell phone- I'm in big trouble without this too. This is my phonebook, my secondary organization source, and my watch
  14. Mini-deoderant stick- Just in case
  15. Giant hairclip which I like better than hair elastic.
  16. iPod- for the bus mainly. I love this little guy
  17. pen- for crosswords and daybook
Don't ask how this came about or why... But I have a sudden urge for all things FITZWILLIAM!!

From his wikipedia entry:

  • Full Name: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Gentleman
  • Income: £10,000/year
  • Carriage(s) Owned: Curricle at Pemberley
  • Primary Residence: Pemberley House in Derbyshire
It seems I am not alone:

Mr Darcy, the dashing hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, has topped a survey of fictional characters women would most like to go on a date with.
Austen's creation beat other fictional heroes, such as James Bond and Superman, in the poll of more than 1900 women.Mr Darcy, the dashing hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, has topped a survey of fictional characters women would most like to go on a date with.
Austen's creation beat other fictional heroes, such as James Bond and Superman, in the poll of more than 1900 women.

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This morning I watched this thing on Discovery channel about the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot. Now I love them so deeply. . . I went on Meredith's computer and made this her wallpaper to make her aware of the shrinking Vancouver Island Marmot population.


Also, at work the other day I shocked everyone by doing that rap out of the Backstreet Boy song "Get Down"... In response, Patrick sang Fergalicious. The. Whole. Thing.

Russell Brand, my love,
They say you have a tiny...
Well you know... small thing.

The a/c just made crackling sounds and DIED. Died like Bambi's mom.
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I came home and almost tucked in to some Kraft Dinner, when my Aunt Kathy from Toronto calls. They are in town over at the Minto Place, so I met up with them. Little Jake desperately wanted some Micky Dees, so we went to the one on Bank and chowed down.

Then we went over to the Parliament Buildings for the light show but were about twenty minutes early. Kathy took a gazillion pictures and then we watched the light show. It's a short film about Canada's history and culture, etc. At the end Oh Canada comes on and it's sooo beautiful, I secretly teared up a bit. I don't think Meredith likes it, but it's because her heart is cold.

Uncle Richard is definitely one of my faves. A) He's hilarious B) He and I have the most random conversations.

Exhibit A:

*at the parliament buildings*

Richard: What is that music? Stompin Tom Connors? No, no... that's not it.
Me: I love the architecture here. So beautiful.
Richard: Who the hell is it. It will come to me.
Me: The doors, I loove the doors...
Richard: No, no... it's not The Doors.
Me: No. The actual doors. The architecture of them.
*a moment of silence passes*
Richard: If that gargoyle fell, it could kill a man. *sound effect with fist punching palm movement*

KD in my tum!
You never settle well there...
Yet I still eat you.
Today Sue and I met up and had drinks at The Blue Cactus. We also had some calimari with this excellent asian dipping sauce. They also served tortilla with an amazing guacamole which had some kind of melon topping it. I never thought to add a sweet fruit to guacamole and you can bet I'm doing it in the future. I also had a Bailey's Banana Colada. A chick drink if I ever tasted one, but it was wonderful. I think I'm going to forward the recipe to mum and dad. It's right up their alley. Sue and I talked about her niece and nephew and her family stuff and I talked about how I hate boys but love them also... gawd they're stupid.

My Nina Simone
CD is the greatest friend
A girly could have!
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How am I supposed to funnel my daily thoughts onto the interblag without livejournal. (Some kind of poweroutage knocked out it out.) It's horrifiying. I started writing a note on facebook and I was quite shocked that I still had to type out the html. So I decided that I'd come back to Blogger and write this out. Then I realized that I had to write a haiku and find an adorable picture to put next to it.

In a pink tutu,
Singing songs for Howard Moon,

Anyway, because I just made the Ontario Modwolves group I have Boosh on the brain. Let the record show, Boosh sounds like the street name for a cheap drug.

I'm very bored. TV is boring. Internet is boring. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning... What's a girl to do? I just got this black short-sleeved jersey minidress (that's a lot of adjectives). I desperately need to go out and wear it. Meredith and I wanted to go out this weekend, unfortunately I barely worked last week and had a mini pay check so we'll see what happens after we buy groceries on Thursday. (Notice: I had enough to buy the new dress with many adjectives...)

I'm bored. Call me up! We can go for a romp or something.

P.S. I think I'll just paste this into a Facebook note...
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I'm packing to go home (I know, I have to wake up in six hours, whatever.) But my cats are making it very difficult.

They know I'm packing to leave them. It's sooo sad. They are softly mewing too.
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I'm going to visit my parents and friends from the 4th-6th and I'm very excited. I bought a new bathing suit. (In this picture, it's the second from the left.) I'm excited to lie on the beach with Alysson and Annie for a few hours.

I also have a video and a few gazillion pictures of my cats because they were really cute this afternoon and I'm already a crazy spinster. (I'll be the crazy spinster aunt who gives her neices and nephews a quarter to make them like her, but they will think she is cheap and smells funny.)

I have my kitty pictures hosted at Flickr, so just go on over there and check it out. No sense in posting them all here. Friend me on Flickr while your at it.

Here's a video of my KITTEEZ!

The wee bikini
Or is it just my bod.
A bit chunky now.
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Don't let them change you
Because you are far too fine
To warp in that way.

I'm right behind you RoRo! Also, Janette... very clever.

In a similar move to Rosie, I left my spot at Reitman's over schedule conflicts (I.E. They weren't giving me any hours and had me "oncall" all week.) I have moved to EB Games and think I'll be a lot happier there. Now I can wear my Yoshi/Mario shirts to work.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here. A little humid and muggy, but I can get through it. I love just looking out my window and the beautiful world around me. It looks like something out of a movie and I can't believe that I live on this gorgeous planet. If someone told me tomorrow that I live in a dome where everything is kept perfect via computer, I wouldn't be surprised.

Today I watched the marathoners cross the finish line at city hall and this evening Meredith and I went for a walk through Confederation Park to Parliament and back through the market and up Rideau. It was beautiful and cool. (Well, still warm enough for me to wear a tank top and capris comfortably... but you know.)
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Hullo my saucy little monkeys,
(I was channeling Craig Ferguson... Sorry I didn't make donkey sounds.)

Sorry it's been so horrendously long since I've updating. I have lots of stuff to update about- Mainly stuff that comes with moving and starting a new job, etc. Sooo, on to the updates:

New Job: I got a job in sales in the Ottawa area and I quite love it, especially because I get to wear fancy clothes and high heels all the time... Actually, I really only like the high heels at the beginning of the day... limping home in them is no fun. (Especially if I have to do a sprint/speed walk home because someone creepy is following me, i.e. Homeless dude.) My favourite part about the job is that if you make a sale over a pre-set amount, you get a star... and after a certain number of stars you get a gift certificate... This is called a "SUPER SALE". I almost made one yesterday and I was only off by a few dollars.

New Apartment: Well, I posted new pictures along with kitty cat pictures in my last post. The apartment is still surprisingly clean and uncluttered. I sweep my floor everyday and compulsively clean my bathroom. (It's completely white so it gets dirty faasst.) Living with Meredith is turning out quite well. We get along and compromise easily. She visits her mum a lot, so it's like living alone sometimes. Also, I live across from a coffee shop and I spend far too much time and money in there.

New Life: I'm completely in love with the boy who works across the street but I get the married and/or gay vibe from him. *le sigh* I don't need a relationship to be happy, but I wouldn't mind one. Also, I can never stay awake for all of Conan anymore. It's upsetting. We're getting satellite during the last week of June (when my parents come to visit) so I'll be able to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the afternoons. Leno and Conan will still be a stretch to stay awake for.

Tragedy: Olivia the cat ate TonyDanza the fish. I guess I should have seen that coming.
R.I.P. TonyDanza the fish.

I haven't been to busy to write haikus, even though my life has been busy. I will continue to write them down and record them here. (Not all of them... just some of them.)

They walk together,
For a moment their gaits sync,
But then it's over.
Hello all,

So we are pretty much moved in completely. My dorm keys are handed back and I'm ready to face the world in our little apartment. It is actually the most adorable thing you'll ever see. The walls are very plain and white, but I intend on decorating a lot. Our phone and internet are being hooked up tomorrow and we aren't getting satelite for a month or so. We do have ANTENNA! lol. We get about half a dozen channels, but Meredith and I are big readers, so it works out. AChannel, Global, and CTV are pretty good.

The kittens are being devious and adorable. We have named Boris the ice cream bandit... it's hard to be mad when he leaves little ice cream paw prints EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, on to the pictures of the new apartment (sans bedroom pictures because it just looks like piles of boxes.) Also kitties.
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  • I finished my last exam! WoOT! I got a 65% on a paper, but my prof said she loves me so I can resubmit.
  • Meredith and I made pizza in the new apartment and we learned that the smoke alarm does work. It was hilarious. We used boxes as mini tables and it was sweet.
  • I bought a new fish and named him Tony Danza. (Don't call him Tony, or Danza, or T.D.... Just Tony Danza!)
  • I also bought him a darling new tank with a purpley lid and purpley rocks.
  • I installed The Sims 2 Holiday Edition on Meredith's computer and it runs really well so I'm going to put some more packs on tomorrow hopefully.
  • On Disorderly Conduct a cop got hit by a car and it was hilarious in a Dane Cook way. (Don't look at me like that, he was fine!)
I'm so excited I can barely write a Haiku... Wait, maybe I'll use it as inspiration:

This feeling in me,

Like my chest is gonna burst,
And blow happy chunks!!
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You left cds in my truck!

I'm sure everyone has heard about disappearing bees. I'm SO sad. Fluffly wee bumblebees, COME BACK. Can we trade them for wasps?

Come back bees! Don't go!

We love your small fuzzy 'tocks!
We need you to LIVE!

In other news, I got the keys to my new apartment today. It was previously lived in by two messy boys and I did a preliminary clean through of it. *sigh* There was cat food in the oven element. We're getting a new one this summer though, so WOO. Also, my parents are bringing the cats and my furniture up this weekend so I'll be able to move in completely then. I can't wait to snuggle my kitties and hold them in my arms.
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My head is turning.
Tummy still quite hungry,
Not like my heart is.

Also, I'm adding in this random picture of Jayne Cobb because Meredith and I finished watching Firefly and then watched Serenity (first time for her, gazillionth time for me). My love for Jayne is... strong. Why is he such a hottie?

I think this crazy schoolgirl crush is a result of being single forever and yearning ubermacho guys.

Also, I admit that this haiku was somewhat inspired by the song If Love Is A Red Dress, Hang Me In Rags by Maria McKee:

My heart is empty.
Your eyes are dark.
Once we were hungry,
Now we are full.
These chains that bind us,
Can't beat these chains.
If love is shelter,
I'm gonna walk in the rain.
See all lyrics.
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What am I doing?
I really should be out there
Living adventure.

I'm living the wrong life here and it makes my soul ache. Why are there no jobs for people like me? I want to live a nomadic/adventurous life with purpose. Delivering medicine/supplies to crazy places, building houses, travelling all the time. This soft-palmed life is crushing me. I know that most people who know me now can't see me getting my hands dirty or doing any work for that matter, but you didn't know me when I worked on the farm. I loved it more than you can know. I dream about it- Fixing things, helping people, having missions and jobs and goals. Gritting my teeth and doing it. I loved it so much, but now who knows what I'll spend the rest of my life doing....