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I'm going to visit my parents and friends from the 4th-6th and I'm very excited. I bought a new bathing suit. (In this picture, it's the second from the left.) I'm excited to lie on the beach with Alysson and Annie for a few hours.

I also have a video and a few gazillion pictures of my cats because they were really cute this afternoon and I'm already a crazy spinster. (I'll be the crazy spinster aunt who gives her neices and nephews a quarter to make them like her, but they will think she is cheap and smells funny.)

I have my kitty pictures hosted at Flickr, so just go on over there and check it out. No sense in posting them all here. Friend me on Flickr while your at it.

Here's a video of my KITTEEZ!

The wee bikini
Or is it just my bod.
A bit chunky now.