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The apartment that we wanted to get today was our second choice of apartments. When we got there, the landlord told us that the other people backed out of our first choice earlier that day. ERGO= WE GOT OUR FIRST CHOICE!!! The one we fondly call "the Bridget Jones" aparment on account of the walkup nature of the entrance. It's a three story walkup.

It's NEXT too the Schwarma place from from JCVH above the Subway and across from the Timothy's. It's pretty much the best located place for us. Plus, the landlord is going to give us the keys a week early so we can start moving boxes and stuff over as soon as we are done exams. This place has utilities included too! It's smaller, but so much cleaner and brighter. At first, we flipped a coin and Meredith got the bigger room, but she's letting me have it because she has a smaller bed and less stuff. I feel kinda bad because she won fair and square, but on account of her coin-toss given right, she can revoke/switch at any time.

When Meredith and I move in, we are splitting buying a bottle of Amaretto to celebrate. Then when drunk, we will email a prewritten letter to her biggest crush.

Life is good. Except my dad shaved his beard and I'm VERY upset. He hasn't shaved it since 1978 and for good reason. But Annie and I are going to look at kittens this weekend. I'm so freaken exited I can't even tell you.

P.S. I applied to work at Chapters and I'm going to apply at a few other places just in case the gov. job falls through.