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My life is changed dramatically in the last week or so. I think for the better. Today I woke up, was 21, was single, was warm and cozy, was happy.

Today happiness is
  • getting a 9/10 on a Utopia quiz
  • the heat getting turned on and being cosy
  • waking up in the warmth of the sun! (I've been waking up before the sun comes up usually)
  • getting the news that Zombieland is out and an invitation to go see it
  • the anticipation of tonight's turkey meatloaf
  • the day after payday grocery shopping today
  • watching all the Thursday night shows in bed Friday morning
  • eating light rye with caraway seeds
  • getting a funny email from a prof, a coworker, and my mom
  • that none of the gourds in my fall themed window box have been stolen