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I can't seem to sleep for more than a few hours in a row. Its really icky. H1N1 isn't too pleasant. I think I'm going to have to take a gravol and some tylenol soon for my disgustingness and perhaps that will help me sleep.

Nobody is online and I can't just mindlessly surf like I used to (1st year of res...). So anyway, I found this great promo shot of Jensen Ackles running away from Croatoan infested people and thought it would make a good desktop background. It was a colour picture, so I made the background black and white and the subject in colour. Its a great desktop, blah blah blah. Here it is, for reference.


Lovely. Anyway, I realized that I had a layer that was just Jensen Ackles running away. Then my disease and drug addled brain thought, "Hey! Remember on Who's Line when they were in the green screen and had to guess what they were in front of?"....

Not a t-rex!!! Noooo!

Giant vicious puppies!!! NOOOOOO!


Now you are just ruining perfectly good holiday photos in Canada.... NOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, I just had a hoot. Now I feel tired again.

P.S. You may have noticed that my whole layout has changed. I need change. The design of this site may undergo many changes in the next little while. Thank you for your patience or any suggestions. :)
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I am in bed sick. I may have H1N1 so I'm under pseudo-house arrest. I hope its just regular flu. I am sort of excited to be part of the phenomenon.

I finally watched the new Castle Halloween special. It was amazing and chock full of juicy references. The very beginning was bittersweet- seeing Nathan Fillion in the old brown coat again. Then hearing his daughter reply: "Did you wear that five years ago? Isn't it time to move on?" At the end of the episode there was also a reference to past roles of the actors who play the detectives which I dug- especially Jon Huertas as I was a HUGE fan of Generation Kill. Here are some screen grabs.

Cute guys...

Ohhhh Captain Tightpants. When will you grace my dreams again!?

Castle also pulled a bizarre, yet adorable face in the morgue. Yeah, in the morgue...


I'm not sure, but I think that he does a Doctor Horrible laugh as well.

That cute scene involves him carving pumpkins with his daughter while she begs to be allowed to go to a seniors party! (GRADE TWELVES!) I nominate Richard Castle as best parent on tv because his daughter calls him and he saves her and her friend from a spiked punch debacle. Alexis fares better then her friend.

Fatherly hero Castle is so dreamy.
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If you are going to be a "sexy" animal or wear one of the pre-packaged stripper costumes (normally a Disney princess or cop) then we can't be friends. If you wanted to be a whore for Halloween, just dress like one (I suggest red eyeliner for your strawberry fields). If you are sexy or cute or pretty or whatever, you will still look sexy without the cold dead stare of a lost girl who's sold her body/soul to the frat boy with the lowest brow. I love sexy, I love Halloween, and I LOVE sexy Halloween costumes, but that doesn't mean the first costume you find in a novelty shop. Be original, show some personality!

(Ewwwww... wroooong.)

Here are some Halloween costumes that will show some personality and your adorableness/sexiness. (I've left my cute ideas out because they are MIIINE betches!) In the immortal words of Mr. Shuester: We'll get you sobered up... find you some underwear. It's not too late for you...

5. Winchester!

This costume is easy! The boots and collared shirt will sell it, along with Dean's voodoo necklace, some hex bags, a nice big gun, and a duffel bag full of weaponry. Catchphrases: "Look Dean!" and "SAAAAMMMYYYY!!". Bonus points if you get two friends to go as Castiel and Bobby.

4. Xena and/or Gabrielle

Old school sexiness. I have been Xena for more than one Halloween and I'm proud of it! Try to construct one of those crazy throwing/killing discs she carries on her person. If you have a Gabrielle, be sure to give generous butt pats and longing glances.

3. Any Milla Jovovich character!

Not everyone can pull off Leeloo (all the power to you if you can)but Alice is an awesome character that anyone can pull off!

2. Barbarella

This is how to do Halloween sexy! Barbarella is an icon sex symbol with voluminous hair and gigantic ... boots. If you have sweet abs (don't we all) cut a hole in your leotard to show off your belly.

1. Kaylee Fry (Firefly)

Oh my god. If you want to win EVERYONE'S heart (except Simon's) get yourself a khaki boiler suit, a floral print blouse and a tool belt.
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In person, the scratch looks much more interesting. It bled (like GUSHED) for a good 10 minutes. It was rather icky. The price I pay for loving my cats to much.

Sean: What happened to your nose!?
Me: THIS? This is just a FLESH WOUND!? hahahahahhahahahha
Sean: Cat scratch you?
Me: yes....
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Hi Folks.
I've been really disillusioned with tv and movies for a few years now. (Since X-Files left an empty cold place in my heart and Firefly... well, lets not go there.) ANYWHO! This year not only have I been getting out to the movies more and LOVING IT but also enjoying more tv shows. Its ironic because I only have antenna, but I'm starting to actually enjoy regularly scheduled programming again.

Here's my top 5 shows on tv right now!

1. Supernatural
Its totally corny and cheesy but I love brotherly love! I love that Sam and Dean love each other! I love that Bobby loves them! I love that Castiel... has sort of been adopted by them. I guess sibling devotion is just something I can identify with. Its a delightful monster-of-the-week/family drama that utterly compels me. A lot of fans are totally in love with Castiel but I'm Bobby's girl through and through. In the recent seasons much of the cast has taken up a Christian Bale/Batman gruff, but I can look past that to their frou-frou Adam West/Batman hearts. I can't wait for the musical episode. Its also immensely difficult to find videos of them that aren't immensely horrible fanvids. Its also got this crazy dramatic side and then a very silly funny side. So I'll post two videos. (Ah, the perks of being number one on Amanda's tv list.)
This is a promo for the new season, after all 66 seals have been broken (thanks Sam) and Lucifer is rising and the apocalypse is starting. GOOD TIMES!

This is the promo for the newest episode where Dean has inexplicably aged. We better get some Jensen Ackles up in here. I guess its the price we paid for the Double Dean episode.

2. Fringe
Never since the X-Files have I been so intrigued with a series. Walter and his son just have this remarkably unique father-son dynamic and the bizarre science and parallel universes go beyond "teching the tech" so to speak. They really interest me. I can't wait to see where the Walter/Peter direction heads. Poor poor Peter. I've also never been so sympathetic with a character who can only be described as a psychotic criminal (multiple lab assistant drugging). The only reason that this show isn't tied with Supernatural for number one is because there are no sexy people and no sex. To be honest, I don't want there to be. The season finale filled the X-Files hole in my heart.

3. The Office
I've been a HUGE fan of this show (both British and American) but the American version has me pining for a Jim Halpert of my own and Pam Beesley best friend. As much as I love these characters, my absolute favourite character is the tragic Michael Scott. No character has ever made me feel as sad as he does. All he wants is friends, family, and love. His such a fool but I feel so sad for him. He's genuinely a nice guy who ALWAYS finishes last.

4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This show has no heroes. Every character is a delightfully awful villain in their own right. Mac goes to an abortion rally to get laid, Dee tries to sell her uterus- they are constantly yelling and screaming over each other, exploiting others, they are all barely-functioning alcoholics who sleep with each other's mothers and crushes and somehow maintain a seedy Irish bar in Philly. They stole a baby to make it a star and when the tanning salon refused to let them put the baby in a tanning bed, they tried painting it brown with SHOE POLISH. There are no words to express how horrible these people are and how horribly satisfying it is to watch them do the horrible things they do... You just have to watch this show.

5. Glee
I just caught up with the first season and its become the antidote to the shows about the apocalypse, horrible scientific atrocities, realistically sad everymans, and just about the worst cast of human beings ever in one show. Its a bit Degrassi meets Highschool Musical(except better in every way). There is a delightful villain who is constantly thwarted by the shining hearts of the Glee club and their teacher who sing and dance and get slushies thrown in their faces for being huge dorks. They don't care. They always have Glee.

A recent plot development has some of the jocks defecting to the Glee club despite how "gay" it is. Puck, the milf-hunting,slushie-throwing, cripple-beater-upper, and secret baby daddy of the Celibacy Club founder, seems to be getting his heart glow on after joining glee.

I only watched the first few episodes of Castle for Nathan Fillion. The rest of the show was just CRAP. Painful to watch CRAP. I skipped out on the rest of the season. I caught an episode of the second season and actually quite enjoyed it. Beckett and her backup have started to develop and Nathan Fillion's charm is egg-dropping. Nate also drops heaps of "BRING BACK FIREFLY" references which excites me. In the Halloween episode, he dresses like Captain Mal. Hearbreak... they name is Browncoat suspenders.
This is exciting and I'm embarrassed by how heated up I get seeing the old Browncoat out again. Again, I'll ask, "Why was this show cancelled?"

Can I also ask if people only take spoilery pictures with iPhones these days? There are too many pixels in the way of Nate being juicy.
Check it out!!

Ponyo! On the cliff/catwalk!

Captain Kirkette!
Thanksgiving was wonderful because it marks the time of year when I start making Halloween plans with Merbear. I have spent the evening picking easy and affordable costumes comprised of things we already have or can easily and cheaply obtain. My brain just felt so juicy tonight I had to draw and colour a bit. I wish my sketches weren't so stiff, but its been a very very very very long time since art school, so I should just be thankful that they aren't stick figures.

CUTE DALEKS!!! Of course these outfits would be accompanied by a plunger and a whisk.
Its that month... you know... THAT month. The month where you have to think of a sweet costume to wear to the hip hop happening Halloween party of the century. I think I've got it covered.

You're going to want to click through to the big version.
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I'm experiencing continued bronchial distress today and the repulsion and horror of my coworkers has convinced me to leave early and go to the doctor. I love the expression "Death Warmed Over" which is the general consensus of my peers on my appearance. I love it and I'm going to use it on all future dating site endeavors. (Enjoys fine dining, horse back riding, and frankly, looks like death warmed over.)

Anyway, here is a list of 10 reasons NOT to bring someone back from the dead. (via io9)

I personally think all the Dean Winchester arguments are moot because him going to Hell was just a boot camp for his demon hunting and ass kicking. How awesome was last night's episode. Hopefully this screencap isn't too spoilerific!

Awwww, Dean. Without you the whole show would be like this.

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This is my last uber personal post, I promise.

After watching Jim and Pam's wedding tonight I felt touched and humbled by the ideal of love portrayed on the screen. It reminded me of a quote from my favourite sitcom after The Office: Scrubs. This John C. McGinley soliloquy is amazing and the way its filmed feels like he's talking right to me- and he's so spot on.

Here's the extended speech for anybody interested. Its not as topical, but still amazing.

I'm ready for the jokes about taking a silly tv show seriously, but Jim/Pam love exists. I've seen it with my own eyes (I was raised by parents who were and still are in Jim/Pam love). Its incredibly rare and as Dr Cox points out, those individuals privileged enough to experience it are lucky... I sort of think fake reality dealt me a dose of real reality tonight.

Good night. Thanks, John- For giving it to me straight.
Legendary thespian, Maggie Smith is a cancer warrior. She makes me want to be a stronger woman. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and has gained 8 film credits since the diagnoses.

74 year old Maggie admits to struggling through the last Harry Potter film after chemotherapy and while struggling with the disease. Any thoughts Maggie?

"If there’s work to do I’ll do it... Shit happens!"

Jesus woman. If Death comes knocking for you just tell them to get their shit in order and get the fuck out of your face.

I was gently electrocuted today and I think that zap along with a extra super special The Office along with the brilliant Maggie Smith has really made my night.
Hey y'all,

I have always been a blogger at heart but always kept it in a friends-only forum like livejournal. The past little while I've been maintaining the two, keeping livejournal for more intimate thoughts and this blog for things I didn't mind being public. Its really started to bleed over too much so I'm going to go back to this being a less personal blog.

If you will miss my everyday thoughts and musings and you maintain a livejournal, you can follow my contact links there.

Don't fret, I'll still post here, it will just be much less about personal life and turn toward my thoughts on things exterior to my life.
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I have to increase my GPA this year in order to graduate. I have to do well in every class. I can't do enough to "just get by", but between family stresses and my break up, I don't know how I'm going to do this.

I went out for dinner tonight, got home and found three emails from my ex boyfriend. Spent about an hour writing out a response and just as I was about to hit send he called me and we talked for another hour. In the end, we achieved nothing, gained no ground- nothing was resolved. Two hours that I had set aside to write this short book critique is gone. I have to cut corners and quickly write this paper. I have to wake up in 5 1/2 hours.

Its my fault, I know I should have focused on the paper and left the email until tomorrow morning and wrapped up the phone call in a minute, but I didn't. I keep letting this get in the way of school and I'm going to pay for it.
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Goodnight moon!

I tried to take a night-night picture but my webcam is so horrifyingly bad but I couldn't be arsed to get the real camera out.

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My life is changed dramatically in the last week or so. I think for the better. Today I woke up, was 21, was single, was warm and cozy, was happy.

Today happiness is
  • getting a 9/10 on a Utopia quiz
  • the heat getting turned on and being cosy
  • waking up in the warmth of the sun! (I've been waking up before the sun comes up usually)
  • getting the news that Zombieland is out and an invitation to go see it
  • the anticipation of tonight's turkey meatloaf
  • the day after payday grocery shopping today
  • watching all the Thursday night shows in bed Friday morning
  • eating light rye with caraway seeds
  • getting a funny email from a prof, a coworker, and my mom
  • that none of the gourds in my fall themed window box have been stolen