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Oh god. So much horirble alliteration. Meredith has found a website of 99 things you have to see on the intertubes. So if you are behind, check out what you've been missing. Meredith is a fan of the grape stomp. Anyway, I'm sitting in class looking at apartmenttherapy and accruing interior design ideas I'll probably never use.

A sweet DIY pillow customizer! Boring to awesome!!

This awesome artist!!! Need to get prints!
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My apartment is a mess. I have to wake up early for my 8:30 class... My mom is coming tomorrow and to help me pack and look for apartments.

Boo urns I say. BOO URNS. Oh well, I like my messy room and my stinky cats and I'm excited for my mom to come. Meredith and I have picked out songs to sing to her on Singstar to herald her arrival. *sigh*

Speaking of musical theatre, this is from one of the best movies EVAR!!