Adoring and loving public,
I'd like to take a second totell you that magazines are SO EFFING EXPENSIVE nowadays. I can only assume because they make less revenue as everything is online now. Please please please go out and support the print publications you love or they will become so expensive to produce that it will all just stop. I love my magazines and don't want them to be expensive, or worse, completely out of print.

Its nice to have everything online but I like having back issues to flip through. Especially because you never know when you'll be writing a project and all of a sudden you remember something relevant in National Geographic and its right there in a file under your desk.

Meredith and I keep all our magazines and journals stowed away in our little storage box ottoman foot stools. I keep all my National Geographic in a special cubby hole in my giant desk full of nooks and crannies (along with super recent issues that I like to flip through for a month or two before they get filed away in the box).

These were the magazines on my desk:

Come on dear readers,
Support print publication!
Mainly Nate Geo!