To commemorate the end of this years classes, Meredith and I got a lot of candy and coke and watched Torchwood series 2 and ran about like maniacs. It was great. My favourite thing about Torchwood besides the sex/violence/Trek-like camera angles= WEE BACKPACKS AND THEIR SURPRISE APPEARANCES!

Tomorrow I'm going out with her to hand out resumes. Then on Sunday morning we are going out to Algonquin College because Laura has a ton of money left on her card that won't get refunded (and she won't spend it). So we are going to have ourselves some non-perishable food items. (And maybe a few perishable ones). Then Alysson, Laura, Meredith, and I are coming back here for Alysson's Ottawa birthday (Laura will be in Saskatchewan and Alysson will be in Picton for her real birthday). We are going to have a Doctor Who marathon and Meredith and I got Alysson something special (updates later....). Then we are going out for sushi. God I will be so poor.

New Doctor Who tomorrow. It was very silly last week. God. I just want to get ROSE BACK! ROOOOOSE!!