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Hello my hushpuppies!

Life has been quite busy since all the Russell rhubarb. He mentioned Meredith on his show but never got back to her. It was very sad. "MEREDITH! Now is NOT the time for NANECDOTES!"

I'm planning a wee vacation to Prince Edward County in mid August and then I'm camping for a week at the end of August. All in all, not a lot of work going on, haha. I've been working pretty hard this summer though, so it will be nice to get some relatively free vacation. I really can't wait to get to the Sandbanks and dig my toesies in the soft sand.

Working on the computer is making my shoulders hurt a bit. Boo-Urns.
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Firstly, can I just say that I am a very happy happy woman. We met Russell Brand after his fantabulous gig (my throat was hoarse from laughing) and he was so genuine and caring and sweet afterwards. He gave both Meredith and I a good kissy and cuddle. And we chatted and he warned us about his "spores" getting us pregnant and stuff. I said I was pretty much a mini-Russell and he was like: Ooo you little pervert! *wink wink* And his gigantic penis bulge was rubbing against my leg as we were talking. He was also huge in general. Very very tall and very very broad. With his boots on he had to be a good 6'4. Everything about it was amazing. He signed my Booky Wook which now reads "Russell Brand <3's Amanda! xoooo!" His manager kept going like: Russell we have to go! and he kept hanging out until they whisked him away in a van. *le sigh.* I'd like to think I'd still be there with him now if it wasn't for mean old Nick!

We also met Matt Stone from South Park, Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk, and Seth Rogen from ... every Judd Apatow film. Cupcakes were involved. I wanted to sing "I'm Fucking Seth Rogen" but I didn't...

We also saw Old Montreal and the Musee des Beaux Arts and we saw a live band at the Divan Orange (which was a little strange and we may have been drugged there) but all in all it was nice.

We had a lot of drivers with a death wish. I got two new pairs of shoes. We saw Dark Night which was amazing. Brilliant. Dumbledore kills Batman with a harpoon.
Ms. Lee
I don't know who to ask about this but "communications" seemed pretty good. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. I'm going to the Russell Brand show tomorrow night and I'm a HUGE fan. I have his book and was wondering if there was anywhere he'd be signing autographs after/before his show. Who knows when he'll be in Canada next and my roommate and I are travelling from Ottawa to see him.

Thanks for any advice you can give or an email of anyone I can ask.
Amanda Stanley
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Today is Annie's sweet 16. Pretty sweet kid. I was so different when I was 16. It bothers me that she is cooler than I was.

Last night I stayed in and watched Conan in my underpants and it was very peaceful. Then I listened to Russell Brand's new podcast for a glimmer of a mention of the Montreal Comedy Festival, which didn't happen. I wonder if Matt is coming with them? His Los Angeles girlfriend could come up for a visit. It'd be glorious. ha.

So we are leaving Ottawa around 9:30am on Thursday and coming home around 8:10 on Friday. In case anyone wanted to know our exact itinerary. I think the first day we will check out the Musee Beaux Arts and then go out to Russ's gig and then to a cafe or something. Then the next day we are going to check out Mont Royale and some of Old Montreal maybe. Naomi explained it all to me. There are two pages of scrawl about Montreal and all the cool things we could do.

In other news, I got this kick ass hair stuff my Aunt recommended to me. "Biosilk". My hair is luxurious and soft man.
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I should point out that I have no air conditioning and it feels like 39C outside with humidex. I'm on the third floor. I have a ridiculous fan set up around my desk that puts me in a kind of windy zone.

1. What drink wakes you up best in the morning? Cold cold Iced tea!
2. During the day, what do you drink to keep going? Water. Lots and lots of it.
3. Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day? Why/why not? I never count but I probably don't. I try to drink a lot though.
4. What are the ingredients of your favorite mixed drink? (Doesn't have to be alcoholic!) I love margaritas!
5. Are you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee, if so? I don't like coffee so much. More of a tea person.

I'm back in Ottawa. My Canada day was awesome and even though my visit was busy it was nice. I didn't really get to hang out with Annie... it was really just her putting aloe vera on my scorched back.

I also have a ridiculous sunburn from Canada Day. Ridiculous. It's just started peeling today and I don't want to wear a tank top and gross out everyone but it's too damn hot to cover it up.

So I hung out with my family from Hungary at the beach. It was so nice and calming (by calming I mean CHAOS but it was still nice). My cousin Zoli has tons of pictures that I'm waiting for him to email to me, but I'll post them (yes you perverts, beachy bikini pictures).
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On the date board this morning I drew lots of maple leafs and an RCMP mount. Yaay.

In other news, I'm dead tired. My night shift is done in 10 minutes. My train leaves in less than two hours. I think I look/smell/sound less than stellar. All my bones ache and I'm cold and totally forgot to bring a sweater of any kind (its going to be cold on the train.) I'm going to check and see if I brought anything long sleeved for the journey.

Last night Meredith hung out with me on night shift and we ordered some chicken and watched some Doctor Who and suprisingly as a result I got everything done very early and had time to investigate a lost iPod. By investigate I mean explore its contents, look up its serial number (in vain) and then wipe it completely... adding my own stuff of course. It was left without a cable, headphones, etc but luckily it's a nano too. I dont think anyone else has a nano. Anyway, it's been here for two weeks and nobody's touched it. Nobody has made a move to see what's on it, etc. As a result, I'm grifting that moFO.