For some reason, most of My Documents and none of My Pictures backed up to the ext. harddrive. That's right. ALL my fucking pictures, for three years, ARE GONE. I had a folder for every year and month. They had dozens of pictures. I documented my life with pictures. They are all GONE except for the handful I have uploaded to photobucket, myspace, etc.

I. May. Cry.

On the phone with tech support, I was like: I lost my sims. Corey was all: "I'm so sorry."

In other news, my mom thinks I have a sinus infection. I'm calling the clinic tomorrow to get checked out. I feel like absolute shit. Partly because of the laptopgate and partly from sickdom.

Today, I enjoyed the company of my Uncle, Aunt, and their two children. They gave me a monetary xmas gift that I'm expressly forbidden to use on "boring" things like school, groceries, etc... That's really what I would like to use it on though. haha. In any case, I got a few soaps from Lush. One is very sparkly and one that smells like violets. Beautiful smell.

As far as the first day of school goes:
I get to the building with five minutes to spare and spot a middle aged woman standing in the middle of the foyer. Her hair is sort of chopped off and blonde and she is dressed sort of like Prof. Trelawney, but wearing big black boots. I see her and I'm all: Oh great, I hate mature students. (Sorry, but normally you guys are suuuper irritating.) Anyway, so she spots me and rushes up. "I'm looking for 5555! Room 5555! The Study of [Insert Class Here]." I'm a little alarmed by her intense hair and manner, but I'm like: "Yeah, I'm headed there too." So I take her to the room. She is deadly quiet and mumbles to herself... Turns out she's my prof.

She refuses to use technology; using the chalkboard and refusing to put on a microphone. Nobody in the back can see what she's writing or hear what she's saying. You can almost hear eyes squinting and ears straining. You could hear a bloody pin drop, but not her voice. I make a mental note to sit in this mental woman's first row. She points out a girl near the front and goes: You were in my class on [insert subject here] weren't you!!" If I sit in the front, will she be all: "You helped me here my first day!!" ??

P.S. Today I ate some of a chocolate shoe and my belly aches. (I'm belly achin a la "quit your belly achin!")