I know what I've done is wrong and I'm so sorry. Especially to Meredith. I hope you never find out because you are going to whoop my ass.

I feel that I've let down everyone.... especially myself. But I was walking home from a shitty apartment viewing on the other side of town/15 minutes away and it was icey and wet and the wind was driving and I just needed some comfort.... *sobs*.

I tried to say no, but I just couldn't. I could see it from the street. It beckoned me. I knew I'd just feel dirty afterwards but... it called to me... it coerced me... like a merciless sirene from sea tales of old.

Look at it. That's a good inch or so of icing on the top. I'm only half way done. I feel sick and queasy but it was soooo worth it. Now I know why doves cry.
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Oh Dear God.
Shoot me now. Are you ready for the crazy that is this chick? I don't think you are. I mirror every sentiment Simon makes towards this mess.

The best part of this clip is not the bouncing underneath an unflattering fabric, or Paula's generous ring giving ceremony, or even the akward Seacrest mauling..

But this shining moment where headband guy mirrors the reaction of North America as we witness this horror:

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Alysson has turned me onto Apartment Therapy. The best damn design website I've seen. The only thing is, they have hundreds of friggin posts a day. How am I supposed to find ANYTHING.
I think I shall just post what I love here under the label "interior design" and then I can just follow that label and see everything when the time comes to design.

Budget Friendly Wall Ideas

(I especially love the door knob coat hooks and the tree branch mug rack.)

Kitchen Upgrades for Renters

Microwave UNDER the counter! WILD!

Cover Your Switchplates with Fabric Scraps
This is awesome. I love it.
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Look at this floofy thang. She's just cuddling in my bed with me. Occasionally biting me to break down my spirit. Her cuteness is a ploy. She is never nice. She routinely shuns Boris from the bed and physically bullies him to the point where he is a jumpy, paranoid, freak cat.

Its a drizzly night and I can't sleep. I thought I'd find comfort in my google reader. A thoughtful blogger has decided to post this video. Thanks. Now I'll sleep soundly knowing that the doom of 99% of the population is an asteroid away.

Oh god. The apocalypse. Eight degrees celsius in Ottawa in the middle of February has got to be a sign.

In other news, I desperately want to find an apartment just so I have an excuse to get my mom to help me clean my current apartment. Saaad. Seriously I have way to much stuff. I did a huge cleaning upon my return from Norway but my lack of any substantial time to devote to the task is hindering. I get halfway done cleaning my room and then have to do homework or real work or go to class or have to watch stupid Tatiana on American Idol and then my half clean room slowly gets full capacity messy again. Then I get it down to half clean again--- you see the cycle of filth. It never ends and its crushing my SOUL.