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Several alarming things to report. Firstly, Meredith and I watched the new Doctor Who which is about a swarm of creatures called the "Vashta Nerada" or something to that effect which live in shadows and prey upon anyone dumb enough to stumble into them. They travel in shadows and the dark...

The lights in the staircase of the hostel have gone out and the emergency back up lights went out as well. I've been running up and down the stairs all night from circuit box to circuit box trying to get some power. I'd like to point out that this hostel is creepy enough at night with all the lights on. In pitch black with only a crappy flashlight to find my way through cell blocks and corridors, it's totally freaky.

Secondly, our lobby bathroom is locked. From the inside. And I've banged on it and been all: HELLO! ARE YOU OKAY! And no answer. What the hell? I've been running around a lot so I haven't noticed anyone go in or out. Omg I'm thinking of Meredith's story from Loblaws where some crazy guy locked himself in the bathroom for days and smeared his poop everywhere.

Please. Please let there be no smeared hobo poop.