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So my day started well. Slept in until 9ish because Joelio didn't have to go to class until later. It was nice. Then we had waffles for breakfast and listened to music and giggled and stuff. Then I did some dishes, watched Marley & Me and had lunchie poo.

Then in the afternoon I played the sims, did the floors, and took some cough syrup for my flaring bronchitis. Three and a half hours later I gently awaken covered in cats and listening to jazz (oh god) and think: "Oooh, what a good sleep!" I check my phone to catch missed calls. I sleepily putter around my house for a few minutes and then it hits me. SHIIIT! Half an hour late to class! I throw all my stuff in my bag and start briskly walking to class. (Inflamed bronchi slowed my pace, but you know, there was effort.) It's a three hour class and they break every hour so I figured I could just sneak in during the 8pm break and catch the last two hours.

They were still in lecture when I got there so I decide to go get a coke to wake up. A toonie falls and rolls under the vending machine. I spend like 10 minutes on hands and knees trying to reach for the toonie. I just left it in the end. In 10 years when they remove that vending machine, some worker is going to have a fun surprise.

The class still hasn't gone on break so I figure that they went early or are just going straight until 9pm. I open the door and its so loud that I cringe and 500 faces swing around to stare at me. I slink into a seat in the back and open my laptop praying that I remembered to mute it before shutting down. Just as my computer (silently) boots up, class goes on break. *sigh*

I go down to my professor and apologized for being late and gave him my doctors note from last week. I was still half-awake and slightly upset so he just laughed at me and told me they were watching a movie so I could just go home and download it.

I can't find any pictures representing how awkward this evening was so I am simply posting a close up picture of this morning's Boris picture which showcases his awkward overbite fang.

P.S. I know everyone thinks that I'm a crazy cat lady, but my boyfriend and I are actually a crazy cat couple. He routinely yells: "AMANDA! GET THE CAMERA! THE CATS ARE DOING SOMETHING CUUUTE!" For this reason, I have a folder on my computer called Cats in Window Sill.
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To deem something "impossible" means you are aware of the parameters of "possible". If you say you are aware of the parameters of "possible", I call bullshit and ignore you.

Here is a picture of my cat: