I worked 9 hours and was so absolutely wiped at the end that it took me forever to count my cash. Several minutes were spent just staring at the cash not even thinking. It was raining and I was fallign asleep so I took a cab, stumbled up the stairs, showered and passed out cold. I woke up a little while ago and watched the new Doctor Who (which is all set in a library that takes up a WHOLE planet, Alysson! and the librarians are androids with donated faces!) I'm rather awake now so I'm all "gah nothing to do". I'm watching SNL until 4am and then I'm sure it will be hard to find any quality programming. Maybe I'll fall back asleep or listen to a podcast or something. I'm thinking about going out for breakfast but I don't know where (or which whom). I'm hoping Sue will maybe want to. I miss that gal.

I have something sad to report: When I moved all my Doctor Who (4 seasons) and Torwchood (2 seasons) they sort of messed up the files so they don't play properly. I now have to redownload ALL OF IT. I'm sort of depressed about that. Not cool. If anyone has any good mass download links, that would be life saving. Like one big torrent or something. So I don't have to download the individual episodes. :(

P.S. My mom is ADORABLE!