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First on the docket, much to Alysson's chagrin, I've dug out my old pink Havianas and bought a pair of board shorts to ring in summer. They are so light, and fluffy (the shorts) and the Havianas have been with me a few years (I got them in France, that's how old they are). I tried to find some classier replacements today but couldn't find anything that was open enough and comfy enough.

Secondly, I think my cats can drum. I was listening to the Fratellis and Olivia was beating up a Bay bag and it was sort of in time with the music. How sweet is that. My little Tommy Lee kitties.

Russell is starting to get all this publicity again for being a sex maniac/addict. I guess to promote his new movie. He is baffling american media:
"I met Christina Aguilera before she was pregnant," said Brand. "Although I was releasing a lot of spores that day, I don't think the baby's mine. I can't make any claims to it."