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Oh Dear. I often feel overwhelmed with housework and take this out on my househusband (boyfriend). This morning he opened up, tears were shed, and I had to explain why I act like a "mean drill instructor". ("I always plan to pick the plates up off the couch! I swear!") I cut the guy a break because I love him and it pains me to see his big man tears. But also because he really honestly tries.

A friend related a story to me that put my boy into perspective. After much goading for him to clean the bathroom, this boy gets to it and rolls up his sleeves. My friend was passing the bathroom and saw him drop some cleaner into the toilet and slosh it around... and then he proceeded to scrub the outside of the toilet WITH THE TOILET BRUSH! Not just the rim and seat but the FLUSHY and the TOP OF THE TOILET! When she expressed her horror and ran for the Lysol he felt attacked... "I never do things right!" he cried. She had to explain to him, like a child. I imagine it went like this:

"You would never stick your hand in the toilet! Its diirtty! DIIIRTY Your pees and poos go in there, Sweetie! Then you put that icky poo water on the dirty brush and then put dirty brush doused in poo water on the handle that you TOUCH and where you put your BUM! No! Dirty!"

How men do not drop dead from dysentery we'll never know.