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How am I supposed to funnel my daily thoughts onto the interblag without livejournal. (Some kind of poweroutage knocked out it out.) It's horrifiying. I started writing a note on facebook and I was quite shocked that I still had to type out the html. So I decided that I'd come back to Blogger and write this out. Then I realized that I had to write a haiku and find an adorable picture to put next to it.

In a pink tutu,
Singing songs for Howard Moon,

Anyway, because I just made the Ontario Modwolves group I have Boosh on the brain. Let the record show, Boosh sounds like the street name for a cheap drug.

I'm very bored. TV is boring. Internet is boring. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning... What's a girl to do? I just got this black short-sleeved jersey minidress (that's a lot of adjectives). I desperately need to go out and wear it. Meredith and I wanted to go out this weekend, unfortunately I barely worked last week and had a mini pay check so we'll see what happens after we buy groceries on Thursday. (Notice: I had enough to buy the new dress with many adjectives...)

I'm bored. Call me up! We can go for a romp or something.

P.S. I think I'll just paste this into a Facebook note...