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Good morning lads and lasses.

Skyped with Joelio this morning and remembered why I friggin love that guy so much. Its irritating but I can't complain. haha. Even if he doesn't come back ever, I am totally hooked on the guy. *sigh* In hilarious news, he ripped his fav corduroys in the crotch. And doesn't seem to want to chuck them out. He may or may not attempt to sew them up himself. This could be dangerous. I'm glad I won't be there to see the blood flow.

I'm at the hostel until 7pm. I love working Sunday morning at the hostel. LOVE IT! This morning I'm eating chocolate and drinking coffee. The adorable intern from Germany brought chocolate. Bless her heart. And "Sentimental Journey" is on the oldies AM station. If you go to their website they advertise hearing aids and stuff. Shows their target audience I guess. Its going to be SO WEIRD when Justin Timberlake music is "oldies" or Britney Spears.