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All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. And not just because I made Alexi dress up like a princess at work. (I had princess stuff for me to wear, but then he did too... Oh god, there was a little plastic pink purse and a wand and EVERYTHING!) Not just because I drank a giant girly drink and laughed like a fiend all night and got to witness a car accident (calm down, no one was hurt). For SOOO many reasons.

This was a great bday. (Annie made me this for my bday... she knows how I love Russ.)

Now I have to go to sleep because I work 9am to 3 tomorrow (9th day working straight) and then I have class from 4-5:30pm. I'm sick (I did catch whatever the lad had) and I'm tired, and goddamnit, I'm NOT shaving my legs tomorrow.

P.S. I am quitting EB Games... they want too much of me and I have school to think about. I'm going to miss videogames and all my nerdy friends sooo much, but school comes first.
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So today my parents took me to Michael's (I've had a giftcard from there for about a year now) and I got some new canvas and an easel. I also got this canvas gardening apron that I can put all my brushes and stuff in while I'm painting. We got a new covered kitty litter too so the cats don't destroy the apartment with their poopy smells.

However the best thing today was that my dad got me a new cellphone!!!! I freaking love my parents.

The Sony Ericsson W580i

The picture quality is pretty good, as demostrated by Meredith.

*sigh* Good birthday.... Even though it's not until Sunday.

P.S. Annie, I can't thank you enough for giving me that Lush stuff and the tshirt (nobody knows what Buddha Dog is here). I am definetely addicted to Lush now and it shall bankrupt me in the future.
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Ok, it's only a week until my birthday. I have already gotten:

  • Hair stuff from Annie (THANKS)
  • A new ginormous desk from my parents.
  • Several cards ($20 from my Nana which I promptly gambled away)
  • A lush shopping spree from my mom
  • A beautiful wood carved statue of Siddhartha Guatama
Things I still want for my birthday:
  • car
  • boyfriend
  • playstation 3/wii/and 360 elite
  • trip to space
Also, we are going to Michael's tomorrow and I'm going to pick up some canvas and an easel. I'm sooo excited. I have so much emotion and drama in me to paint. I can't wait. I suddenly feel so envigorated and alive. Must be this crazy hippie conditioner that's in my hair. (Annie's bday present.) Maybe it's because my parents make me feel loved. Both probably.

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So Alysson is here finally. And I'm sooooo unbelievably happy. She came over last night and her, Meredith, and I had a lovely fun drinkfest. Meredith went to work this morning and Alysson went to her first class. I luckily don't have to work until 4pm so I had time to nurse my hangover (which I have only had once or twice before). I went to the bus stop with them and then went to Rideau and picked up a little housewarming gift for Alysson. Then I wandered home and talked to my mom on the phone a bit. Then I staggered across the street and picked up some nice hot soup and a steaming hot green tea. I visited with the girls who work there and we talked about how nice the neighbourhood is and how strong the community was blah blah blah... Anyway, then I stumbled back upstairs and devoured my chunky wonderful soup and the toast. (They packed it in a paper lunch bag for me, how cute!!) Anyway, I've been watching National Geographic all morning. Except for the mocking Curves commercials, I've quite enjoyed it.

I should probably give myself some cold shower time to get ready for work but a) I'll put it off until the last minute like I always do and b) I'm watching The Battleships (Covering the napoleonic wars, the civil war, and the hms deadnought). Before that I watched Mafia Women (Women connected to the criminal underworld talk about their duties) and before that I watched Wild Indonesia..... All in all, good tv.

Ooo! My cell phone rang once and then stopped ringing! WHO WAS IT!??

Also, I heard a low flying plane today and it was deafening. I was so used to it growing up near the military base, but now it's weird.

Also, check out the Bob Dylan Message Generator (via TheGeneratorBlog)