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Is it just me, or does everyone totally get creeped out when they cross over the threshold of a small town. I think maybe I'm just paranoid, but I feel like everyone is just staring and glaring and you really feel like you are an outsider. In the city, even a small one, you are just another fishy swimming along. Here I feel like me and the other visitors are being sized up- which one of us is perfect to be sacrificed to the harvest god? Which one of our death's will best ensure the next years harvest? A mammoth gourd is really the biggest priority.

I'm here to finish some papers and also to be inspected by the local hooga booga instructor for attached entities. I say that with complete respect as I totally feel a bit followed around lately. Again, could be the paranoia, but it could also be a supernatural entity feeding off my emotional vulnerability. Doesn't hurt to get checked out

I worked night shift, all alone, all summer and really only a few Doctor Who episodes scared me. Lately things have happened like doors closing and locking behind me, door unlocking and opening after I closed and locked them, smelling smoke (not cigarette smoke), knocking from empty locked rooms, flashlights and light bulbs not working, people showing up on the camera in the parking lot but when I look out the window- nobody. Just that kind of general creepiness.

So yeah, hooga booga instructor, here I come.