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I had a project due with a partner tomorrow but at the beginning of the week she fell and injured her back. She had to go home to her parents so she could have back sugery and be driven to the hospital every day (not to mention have someone to help her as she couldn't walk).

She emailed the professor about getting an extension because there was no way we could collaborate and finish this project in time. She had no internet access at her parent's house, just phone. She relayed to me that the professor said we can either try to hammer it out together or hand in individual assignments (doing twice the work mind you) on Friday (tomorrow morning at 8:30am) but we couldn't have an extension. We decided we'd try to hammer it out together the best we could over the phone as it would be easier than all attempting the work of two people in half the time.

My partner emailed the professor again earlier today saying there was no way we could do it and if we could please have an extension. She included her doctor's note and explained the situation further (no internet access, etc). Around 11pm tonight the professor emailed me saying that I have to hand in my individual assignment tomorrow morning or be subject to penalty but my partner gets an extension. She did not explain her expectations for an individual assignment and she stressed that I was instructed from the get go to hand in an individual assignment.

However this is the first email I've received from the professor regarding the matter. Its midnight. I have an exam tomorrow. I have no idea what she wants. I can't do all of my partner's research and write both halves of the essay tonight in time for class tomorrow or study for my midterm. What the fuck. Tomorrow I'm going to have to talk to her and if she doesn't give me an extension then I have to figure out some way to appeal this (I have no idea where I'd go).

If her decision stands, I fail the course. I can't hand it in tomorrow and the next day I can hand it in is next Monday. I receive a 5% late penalty every day including the weekend until I hand it in. I would fail the assignment and therefore have to get perfect on all my other assignments and the exam in order to pass.

I'd like to remind my dear readers that I pay $500 a course essentially. (That figure is rounded down.) There is no way I'm putting up with this.

I still have to study for my midterm and wake up in 7 hours. I am FUMING mad. FUMING.