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I just washed some softy sheets and instead of just putting new sheets on my bed I dug into my linen trunk and pulled out all sorts of wacky patterns and colours (I was sick of always co-ordinating them). Meredith helped me put the pink plaid duvet cover on my duvet. I'm so excited to snuggle down into it, but I have to stay up rather late tonight so I can sleep all day and work night shift tomorrow night. I've just crawled into bed against my better judgement. It feels like a hot cup of tea... mmm maybe I need a hot cup of tea.

Who fancies a snuggle??

I have a lot of creams and lotions and potions on my bedside table. I like to moisturize before I sleep. Sue me.

I'll probably post later if I get bored or find a meme or something. I'm on msn and bored and up all night so IM ME!

P.S. I miss Alysson dearly. I wish she had good internet.