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I'm in a class and the professor is saying that nobody sees their elders as fountains of knowledge or cherishes the information of previous generations anymore. I think that is the opposite of our relationship. As soon as I don't know how to do something (polish silver, innovate meatloaf, train puppies, find good blues/jazz album) I pretty much depend on you and Poppy for those things!

haha How the heck would I know how to do ANYTHING if it wasn't for the "knowledge of my elders". Geez, how do people know how to function?

Thanks for all the knowledge!

Love Amanda
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I read a lot of really insightful, funny, active, intelligent blogs. I like to check my "trends" on google reader to see what I'm reading the most of. I'm always ashamed of what my number one is. Here is my top 15 this month. (I have 60, so to crack my top 15 is a feat.)

15. Pioneer Woman
14. Totally Looks Like
13. Penny Arcade
12. Graph Jam
11. Joystiq

10. Cute Overload
9. Deus Ex Malcontent
8. Spring 4 Sims
7. Geek Sugar
6. Apartment Therapy

5. Feministing
4. Mental Floss
3. Pajiba
2. Lifehacker

AND NUMBER 1???? I'm sure you've guessed it. God I feel horrible admitting this.

1. Perez Hilton

I have to go to sleep now because I can hear Joel snoring which is usually a good cue that its past my bed time. I'm sorry I didn't link to all the blogs but I guarantee if you put them into google and hit "I'm feeling lucky" they'll come up.