My best friend has moved away. I wasn't really ready for how lonely it would feel. I keep thinking "oh! I want to go do that" but then I think: "who with?" Everybody is too busy.

I have other friends, but it is definitely a very lonely feeling to not have a best friend live within hang-out distance. I don't want to seem clingy with my other friends either (now that Meredith is gone). *sigh*

When I watch Friends I'm super jealous. Where's my group? I want to go to hockey games and the movies and to the gym with people. I guess I'll just have to forge ahead by myself.

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Hannah said...

I know how you feel! Well, my friend hasn't moved but after five years of our relationship I came to realize that we have nothing in common anymore. It's weird but I guess things like this happen. I'm thinking the same things to myself right now but the good news is that after some time I finally feel like meeting new people again. Hope things will get better for you!

Amanda said...

I wonder why it so much scarier to make friends as an adult. Maybe it's just me. haha.

I'm going to do my best to be brave and just start talking to new people, striking up conversations, and being open to meeting people (at parties, at the grocery store, wherever). Slightly terrifying, but I can do it! <3 Good luck to you too, Hannah!