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Yay FSL Grade 3!!!!

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My love of creating senseless, yet relatively harmless gifs has come to THIS! WHAT IS THIS MONSTER I HAVE CREATED!!!

And why does it want to devour our souuuuls? Scariest frame RIGHT HERE. All the stills are on my flickr. Oh God... how did it all go so wrong....

P.S. Happy Halloween.... I was doing an asprin mask....
Today I feel like I'll never stop being sick and the glow in my skin and hair will never come back and the day when I fly across the ocean to have a whirlwind romantic adventure will never come.

It's not a fun feeling. In fact, it's downright depressing. So I did what I do when I feel absolutely horrible... Do something OUTRAGEOUSLY silly.

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Hello Fudge Muffins,
I am almost done my very very sparse Christmas shopping. Meredydd and I decided to get all our Xmas presents from the same website on the same order so we could get free shipping. muahahha. Meredydd knows exactly when I'm getting her for Exmas. It is the lovely buttered toast wallet you see above. Sadly I could only get very cheap XMas presents for a few people. I have holiday stationary from a while ago and I intend to send Xmas cards to all my lovelies with a special Xmassy note, but sadly no goodies. You know, because of the christmas adventure.

Speaking of Christmas adventure. I got paid today and put about $800 into my line of credit to help pay for the ticket. Joel said he is paying for as much as he can while we're there but I still want to be able to pay my own way just in case. I will also send everyone lovely postcards of the places I'm going.

I met with Kat's wonderful beautiful Mum today and she graciously signed my passport papers as a guarantor. We chatted too and talked about hostelling. She told me about how she lived in a hsotel for about a month and met a ton of great people. I can attest to the fact that you will meet the most extraordinary people in hostels. It takes a lot of huevos to fill your backpack and experience the world. It sounds like a ton of fun, but its a scary thing. I'm actually quite terrified and I'm only doing it for two weeks.

In other extraordinary news, my current favourite blog has updated. Yes, the hilarious UPSIDE DOWN DOGS BLOG! I cannot express how much I am amused by upsidedowndogs. It make the internet a better place. It's making my horrific sinus infection not so bad.

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Russell Brand "quit" the BBC today. I'm totally pissed off at the BBC for using him as a scapegoat and all the attention whores (i.e. Georgina Sachs) who brought this about.

Watch his resignation video here.

Dear Russell and Jonathon,

Fuck the BBC! Do whatever the hell you want! You both make enough money to produce your own shit. Don't let them make money off of you and use you as a scapegoat for their own failings.

The End
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For Christmas I want NOTHING! Not a sweater! Not a card! Not a twinkle in your eye! But if you were going to get me something like that anyway (say a $2 card) I beg of you to donate that money to my pay pal account as I am scrounging as much as I can to save for my Christmas trip. For example, if everyone in the Amanda Stanley Appreciation Group on Facebook donates $10 it will pay for all my accommodation and food.

Sometimes when I'm very tired and have been studying all night and feel sick and homesick for old things and new things and I'm completely alone and need a perfect person to tell me the perfect thing to make me feel special and loved I turn to my old friend.

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I shall be a Greek/Roman lady of some distinction!

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Another rant post. I don't mean to complain. I just calls em like I sees em.

Note: This entry excuses people who voted or who discuss Canadian politics as much as they discuss American politics.

All my Canadian friends seem to be talking about the American election. It's all OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! but they didn't make an effing NOISE about our elections and Canadian candidates. We had a record LOW of voting this election. Our last voting peak was in NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT! (Courtesy of Dief the Cheif).

"Some 59.1 percent of eligible Canadian voters went to the polls Tuesday, breaking the previous record low turnout of just under 61 percent in 2004, according to preliminary results from Elections Canada released on Wednesday."

Good fucking job.

Before you get your panties wet for some American candidate, try being a responsible citizen in your own damn country first. Move there if you love him so much.

P.S. I think Obama may actually be Harold Saxon. Not that I want McCain to win, but that's exactly what Saxon would want.
I enjoy watching Family Guy as much as the next person, but occasionally it actually truly bothers me. Mainly when they make jokes about violence against women.

I watched the first few episodes of the new season and I'm so not impressed. Two jokes in particular really stick in my mind. One was a Dr. Seuss parody "Horton Hears Domestic Violence in the Next Apartment" where we graphically hear a woman being beaten and her sobbing and crying and begging for someone to help her and god knows what else in the next apartment. It was hard to watch. Not like Meet the Parents was hard to watch. It was hard to watch like watching orphans of war is hard to watch.

The other one involves Peter trying to get the waiter to give him a record in exchange for sex with his daughter.

Peter: Can I have that record? I love that song. I'll let you have sex with my daughter...

Waiter: I don't know...let's see what your daughter looks like.

P: She's...uhh...(pans past Meg to "hot" girl)...right there!

W: Ok, I'll do her. But can you tell her to cry and beg me to stop?

P: I think that can be arranged.

Please don't tell me to have a sense of humour about this. Think of three girls you know. One of them has been sexually assaulted. So not funny.

I thought I wanted the time to go by faster. This was stupid because I have SO MUCH LIFE TO LIVE in 6 months!

My list of things to do before summer!
  • go horseback riding! (before it snows hopefully)
  • go to the movies at least every other month!
  • skate on the Rideau Canal
  • take a free gym class (tae cardio, total body conditioning)
  • buy a second hand bike (for under $50)
  • MAKE not BUY Christmas gifts for everyone I love (well, I can buy craft supplies)
  • go to at least 2 concerts
  • visit Picton for a weekend
  • clean my apartment (I mean REALLY clean! scrub the floors and walls! clean under all the furniture! clean out the cupboards! etc... p.s. I might need help for this one)
  • make sushi
  • have a nice hot bubble bath (at the hostel probably! haha)
This isn't like my vow of celibacy, I'm really going to do it! (Oh god, that quote will come back to haunt me.)
The worst is over. Got through first night alone with flying colours. For some reason, I was sicker today than yesterday, but at least I slept at a decent hour and woke up at a decent time so today will be easy to fall asleep.

Somehow my antenna is getting more channels than usual but I can't find Jon Stewart, I found Arrested Development however, which is really just as good. I can hulu Jon Stewart later.

In kitty cat news, Boris used to get um... "excited" at night when I first got him and he often would hump random things like pillows and socks and my leg... well he has randomly started doing it again. As soon as my sinus headache doesn't cause me to snap at the drop of a hat, I will clean the entire apartment and make everything nice and cozy for him.

My apartment is a complete disaster area right now and I hate it. I'm not truly comfortable anywhere in it. I think that this is also partly due to the fact that I have completely outgrown this little place. It was a wonderful first apartment and we've grown a lot in it. But I'm running out of room on my bookshelves and I feel like I'm always bumping into things. I have no place to store winter things in the summer or summer things in the winter. This spring will bring a much needed change in my evolution.

I'm going to sleep now. It's almost 1am which makes me sleepy. I'm afraid of waking up to Boris humping my foot.
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He's leaving for Norway for six months. I will see him at Christmas. I can't handle thinking about it. It's so silly, I would make fun of someone else for being like this, but it's true and I can't pretend I'm not effing devastated.

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I feel like posting a gif to express how disgusting and sick I look/feel.

Why are gifs so addicting to watch?


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This is just about the best thing ever.

Now I shall watch ALL TV ALL THE TIME!

Also, does anyone know how to fix old timey desktops (JON?)? Meredith's computer is broken beyond my knowledge and she can't afford to get a technician in to fix it. This is quite upsetting.