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Today is Annie's sweet 16. Pretty sweet kid. I was so different when I was 16. It bothers me that she is cooler than I was.

Last night I stayed in and watched Conan in my underpants and it was very peaceful. Then I listened to Russell Brand's new podcast for a glimmer of a mention of the Montreal Comedy Festival, which didn't happen. I wonder if Matt is coming with them? His Los Angeles girlfriend could come up for a visit. It'd be glorious. ha.

So we are leaving Ottawa around 9:30am on Thursday and coming home around 8:10 on Friday. In case anyone wanted to know our exact itinerary. I think the first day we will check out the Musee Beaux Arts and then go out to Russ's gig and then to a cafe or something. Then the next day we are going to check out Mont Royale and some of Old Montreal maybe. Naomi explained it all to me. There are two pages of scrawl about Montreal and all the cool things we could do.

In other news, I got this kick ass hair stuff my Aunt recommended to me. "Biosilk". My hair is luxurious and soft man.