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I am a very stylish girl 20!

My birthday AND Christmas present is my bed so that's what I got from my parents. Plus they paid for not one but FOUR meals for me and my handlers which is pretty awesome. We also went to the Museum of Civilization and the art gallery and the IMAX.


I look like a cow slightly.

Oh Annie.

We met Tom Green who was eating next to us with his Dad and brother which was nice, except Joel get star struck really easily and may have startled Tom Green a little. Luckily they are both from North Bay and their dad's both work for the military. He didn't smear us with poo or anything, so that was a plus.

Tonight Joelio and I went to Tucker's Marketplace for my free buffet which was EXCELLENT. I had to be rolled home like a big fat blueberry child.

I just had a highly hilarious conversation with Alysson.

Alysson says:
also one is a butter face
||Amanda|| says:
what is butter face?
Alysson says:
everything's hott but her face
||Amanda|| says:

Today Joel made french toast but put a little drop of vanilla into the egg/milk mixture and I almost fainted from sensual pleasure. It was wonderful.

Meredith got me a cake today which we will eat TOMORROW.

P.S. I wish there was something that could show you what livejournal mood you used most often.