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I have irresponsibly gotten my cats high. I got them a new cat bed (cleverly shaped like a sofa) and there was cat nip all over it. Boris cautiously sniffed it and then proceeded to get off his tits. Olivia licked the handles and stuff and rolled around next to it, but Boris went crazy licking and sucking on the fabric of it. They are all burnt out/exhausted now. I should probably fill their food dishes because they are likely in for some munchies. ha

I'm going on a secret getaway for Canada Day. I want to fall off the grid for a few days and just do nothing. Just some relaxation and peace and quiet. Chaos follows me like a lost puppy so I'm sure it won't be peaceful and quiet, but whatever. haha. It will be nice to be away from the chaos of Ottawa on Canada Day.

Also, I just remembered the time that I saw Jon at Lees and I texted hiim with "OMG I SAW YOU" and he was like: "I DIDN'T SEE YOU" and I was like: "I'VE DYED MY HAIR AND I'M WEARING SUNGLASSES AND A BIG HAT" and he was like: "ARE YOU IN DISGUISE?" it was funny... because it seemed that I was.

I ran some errands today. Bank. Post office. Pet Store. Opticians. All in all, it's been a rather productive day. Well, out of the house anyway. I need to clean my room and do laundry HXC. I may just chill and do the inside stuff tomorrow. It's too lovely out.

I have today and tomorrow off and most of Thursday so I have a lot of time to catch up on laundry, etc.

P.S. Sorry about the cat sofa picspam. I really am.