Gah, thank god it's his last. I'm half-heartedly watching the last George W. Bush state of the union address. He's talking about stem cells and he said something scientific and I can't believe he got through it. There have been a bunch of standing ovation moments and enthusiastic fist-pumping.

Occasionally everyone will do a standing ovation but the people in the front aren't aware of what's going on behind them and they'll look back, see a gazillion people standing, and then they awkwardly jump up to catch the end of the ovation.

When he entered the room he did a lot of high five, signing autographs and kissing of cheeks. He is wearing a shitload of makeup, so I'm wondering if he got some lip gloss on anyone? He kissed an old man on the cheek. Perhaps that old man wiped off a big sloppy lipglossy Bush Jr. kiss? How strange.

He hasn't screwed up a bunch of words, he even got in an IRS joke (badumdum tsssss) but he did one time say "rebubblican" instead of "republican". ("I STAND FOR THE BUBBLE PARTY!") I wonder if it was really a mistake? Like maybe he and all his frat buddies (who have been doing Spartan like war cries after every point) were like: OMG! You have to say "rebubblican" at some point!

I think the camera guys are bored because the keep zooming in on people doing sudokus and falling asleep. Cheney keeps looking out into the crowd like a principal looking for someone not paying attention in assembly. They also show Obama and Clinton sharing occasional "Bitch, Plz" moments.

Gah! I missed a HXC standing ovulation on account of watching something silly on youtube. It was something about supporting the troops I think or how great Americans are.. something like that. Oh, over 20 000 troops are "coming home".

Merbear isn't home tonight so I can watch Jon Stewart and see what he's take on all this is.

Well I'm off to find a snack. Ta ta.

P.S. Olivia is snoring.
P.S.S. I'm reading Russell's book. He's such a nutcase. I love him.
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This picture pretty much sums up my weekend. (Click for big version.)

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I have my resumes made up and I've applied to a bunch of places in Rideau via (the ones that don't accept resumes in person) and also FSWEP (Federal Student Work Experience Program) . All the hospitals involve a bus ride so I have to find a free open day to bus to them all.

Right now I'm in bed reading my stuff for my feminism class, and Boris is sleeping on one side and Olivia is on the other trying to play with him. It's really cute. Also, she has a scrape on her nose and it makes her look even cuter. I poke it and she goes cross-eyed. hahah.

In other news, the copy of The Wizard of Earthsea I ordered from Chapters came today. The kitties love the box. I tried to take pictures but the free camera that came with my printer is sub-par. When I take a picture with it, it's like in the olden days when whatever you were taking a picture of had to stay still for 7 minutes or else it would be a blur.

I've been trying to take that organic Nighty Night tea to help me get back onto a regular sleeping schedule (which I dislike because I really like being nocturnal) but it gives me horrific nightmares. I honestly haven't had a nightmare in FOREVER because I'm a pretty lucid dreamer. It's so weird. I think it's because of the catnip. There is also hops in this tea which has a more druggy/groggy effect. I will just take chamomile because it has no ill effects and it's pretty relaxing.
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Lately, Alysson and I have been talking on the phone and playing the sims every night until 3am (or until her phone dies). It's fun. We love it. It's our ritual. Also, next weekend we are hoping to have a LOTR educational workshop. Both her and Laura are totally down with the trilogy. ("All right, look, there's only one "Return," okay, and it ain't "of the King," it's "of the Jedi.") We'll rent the movies and watch the extended editions and Alysson will be in charge of factual information like family trees, chronologies, and species types, while Laura will educate me on the literary elements of Tolkiien's opus.
Now, I shall take my herbal sleep aid, pop in a podcast, and drift off into a hopeful sleep.

P.S. I heard that Russell Brand was cutting his hair short. WTF. Without his image he is nothing. His hair is the source of his mojo. I see bad things for him, should his head be shorn.
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I reorganized my bookshelves and I feel so accomplished. *le sigh* I have to finish writing my mini-essay on The Wind in the Willows at some point tonight. Meredith and I are going to Zak's too. It will be joyous.
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A few awkward things that happened to me today that everyone missed:
  • My leg was caught on the babygate and I did two or three sad little hops on one leg to get over the gate.
  • While I was clearing out the bookshelf, I overestimated my stack-o-book holding ability and the middle one in the stack shot out and it was like when Gus in Cinderella tries to carry too many pieces of corn.
  • Found an old chocolate cake in the back of the fridge... ate some of it. Meredith has informed me that it is from before Xmas and I will likely vomit.
  • Tried to avoid a piece of black ice... hit another piece of it and slipped.
  • Made a small stickytack man to ride in my tiny toy racecar... played with it making gratuitous VROOM VROOM sounds!
  • Tasted some good smelling lipgloss... didn't taste good.
  • Sharpened lots and lots of pencils.
P.S. If you tried to pronounce "schmawkward" I applaud you.
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Sadly, I put up a new cat calendar, replacing my "Puppy of the Day" calendar, securing my continuing transformation into this creature:
When I go into my brain to find Lord of the Rings, all there is to be found is nine fucking hours of hobbits jumping merrily on a bed.

"Sam came in. he ran to Frodo and took his left hand, awkwardly and shyly. He stroked it gently and then he blushed and turned hastily away." (I, 237)


"Frodo lay back in Sam's gentle arms, closing his eyes, like a child at rest when night-fears are driven away by some loved voice or hand. Same felt that he could sit like that in endless happiness; but it was not allowed." (III, 186-7)


(Guy who plays Sam in movie: I loved you in EncinoMan!)
Smello my dear fellows!

Firstly, before I forget, I've been working on a new painting. See it here!
Secondly, I got a new bedside table lamp and alarm clock! See them here!
Thirdly, I rearranged my dresser nook! See it here!
Lastly... we got a mirror ball for our apartment! WITNESS THE GLORY!

I friggin love my Fantasy Literature class. Except I have to read Lord of the Rings... the entire trilogy... by March 7th... and five other books before it... Anyway, to make myself more interested I bought a book of essays about Tolkien's stuff so I can sort of understand his mind and the time period and stuff. Also, Alysson, my mother, and Janet are all quite knowledgeable about the whole world and mythology it seems, so I hopefully won't have too hard a time. (For anyone that knows me, focusing on such a great quantity of work is quite difficult unless I'm entrapped. Unfortunately, LotR never quite entrapped me.)

There is a guy in the class who has a LotR map as his desktop background. I refuse to ask him for help because he is an insufferable, know-it-all, windbag. (He was in my philosophy class. He makes me want to shoot myself... The prof doesn't answer him anymore because she knows we will all be treated to a lecture of his own creation).

Anyway, here is my reading list for the course:
The Wind in the Willows
A Wizard of Earthsea
The Farthest Shore
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Voyage of the Dawn-Treader
The Last Battle
The Lord of the Rings

I have to write a short essay on each author (Grahame, Le Guin, Lewis, Macdonald, and Tolkien) and then a longer essay on one of the books. I think I will either do one of the Lewis books (obviously the easiest choice) or about the symbolism of the River and the Friend/Helper in Wind in the Willows. I'm not sure yet. I haven't read Lilith, the Earthsea/Farthest Shore yet, and LotR will be a bit much for me come term paper season.
For some reason, most of My Documents and none of My Pictures backed up to the ext. harddrive. That's right. ALL my fucking pictures, for three years, ARE GONE. I had a folder for every year and month. They had dozens of pictures. I documented my life with pictures. They are all GONE except for the handful I have uploaded to photobucket, myspace, etc.

I. May. Cry.

On the phone with tech support, I was like: I lost my sims. Corey was all: "I'm so sorry."

In other news, my mom thinks I have a sinus infection. I'm calling the clinic tomorrow to get checked out. I feel like absolute shit. Partly because of the laptopgate and partly from sickdom.

Today, I enjoyed the company of my Uncle, Aunt, and their two children. They gave me a monetary xmas gift that I'm expressly forbidden to use on "boring" things like school, groceries, etc... That's really what I would like to use it on though. haha. In any case, I got a few soaps from Lush. One is very sparkly and one that smells like violets. Beautiful smell.

As far as the first day of school goes:
I get to the building with five minutes to spare and spot a middle aged woman standing in the middle of the foyer. Her hair is sort of chopped off and blonde and she is dressed sort of like Prof. Trelawney, but wearing big black boots. I see her and I'm all: Oh great, I hate mature students. (Sorry, but normally you guys are suuuper irritating.) Anyway, so she spots me and rushes up. "I'm looking for 5555! Room 5555! The Study of [Insert Class Here]." I'm a little alarmed by her intense hair and manner, but I'm like: "Yeah, I'm headed there too." So I take her to the room. She is deadly quiet and mumbles to herself... Turns out she's my prof.

She refuses to use technology; using the chalkboard and refusing to put on a microphone. Nobody in the back can see what she's writing or hear what she's saying. You can almost hear eyes squinting and ears straining. You could hear a bloody pin drop, but not her voice. I make a mental note to sit in this mental woman's first row. She points out a girl near the front and goes: You were in my class on [insert subject here] weren't you!!" If I sit in the front, will she be all: "You helped me here my first day!!" ??

P.S. Today I ate some of a chocolate shoe and my belly aches. (I'm belly achin a la "quit your belly achin!")
Age: 19 (omg it just occurred to me that I'm turning 20 this year. wtf?)
Location: Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA)
In your own words, what is The Mighty Boosh about?: LOVE
Series 1, 2 or 3?: SERIES 1 FTW!
Favourite episode: Jungle, Tundra, or Mutants
Vince or Howard?: I love Howard. I have so many Howards in my life, but my overly vain nature leads me to choose my kindred spirit, Vince.
Other Favourite character(s): The Black Frost, Jack Cooper, Leroy
Favourite pairing (if applicable): Bainbridge/Fossil (You know it's meant to be!)
Favourite song: Monkeys Stole My Face
Favourite quote: "Put away those fiery biscuits!"
Other TV shows you enjoy: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Daily Show, Dead Like Me, Dr. Who, Friday Night w Jonathon Ross, Kids in the Hall, Mony Python Flying Circus, The Office, Scrubs, The X Files (taken straight from my Facebook profile because I'm a lazy bastard)
Anything else?: Remember the time we had that soup?
Just for the record, drinking Jenga ROCKS my WORLD! WOOO! I haven't enjoyed a NYE like that for a looong time. I'd also like to add that I slept in the biggest bed in the whole world... OFFICIALLY. *le sigh* I wish I had a giant bed. Mine looks so dinky in comparison.

I waited forever for a 95 at Baseline today. I want to complain in the octranspo livejournal community but the losery drivers would rail me out. Anyway, my feet were soaking wet and my warmish wintery coat is still at my parents so I was cold and wet and sleepy. It was one of those temp 95s that is clearly from the 1800s and I felt sooo ill by the time I stumbled off the bus at Laurier. When I took off my shoes and pants and socks (all soaked through) my skin was bright red and cold midway up the shin. And my toes were red and puffy. And I couldn't feel them. Kind of frostnipped. I just put on some warm slippers and wiggled them around for a bit. (For anyone who doesn't live in Canada, never put frostbitten anything into hot water.)

Boris and Olivia are on CRACK on account of having another room to play in and me being home. Olivia wont leave my side and Boris keeps running up and leaving things around me. Just small items like bits of paper, q tips, and elastic bands.

Anyway, when I got home I cleaned up my room a bit. The cats had peed in a box and I salvaged what I could. It was upsetting. I salvaged some things and then stuck the box out on the roof. I'm feeling a bit ill. Perhaps it's because I need some food. I've been eating a ridiculous amount this week because my family eat like their getting ready to hibernate.

I also put up a poster on my door. Just to make it look less institutional. Sadly, while putting it up, my Wii elbow kicked in and I pretty much just had to let my arms hang limp for a few minutes. Now I have Wii elbow AND carpal tunnel. *sigh*