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Ok, it's only a week until my birthday. I have already gotten:

  • Hair stuff from Annie (THANKS)
  • A new ginormous desk from my parents.
  • Several cards ($20 from my Nana which I promptly gambled away)
  • A lush shopping spree from my mom
  • A beautiful wood carved statue of Siddhartha Guatama
Things I still want for my birthday:
  • car
  • boyfriend
  • playstation 3/wii/and 360 elite
  • trip to space
Also, we are going to Michael's tomorrow and I'm going to pick up some canvas and an easel. I'm sooo excited. I have so much emotion and drama in me to paint. I can't wait. I suddenly feel so envigorated and alive. Must be this crazy hippie conditioner that's in my hair. (Annie's bday present.) Maybe it's because my parents make me feel loved. Both probably.