Its that month... you know... THAT month. The month where you have to think of a sweet costume to wear to the hip hop happening Halloween party of the century. I think I've got it covered.

You're going to want to click through to the big version.
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I'm experiencing continued bronchial distress today and the repulsion and horror of my coworkers has convinced me to leave early and go to the doctor. I love the expression "Death Warmed Over" which is the general consensus of my peers on my appearance. I love it and I'm going to use it on all future dating site endeavors. (Enjoys fine dining, horse back riding, and frankly, looks like death warmed over.)

Anyway, here is a list of 10 reasons NOT to bring someone back from the dead. (via io9)

I personally think all the Dean Winchester arguments are moot because him going to Hell was just a boot camp for his demon hunting and ass kicking. How awesome was last night's episode. Hopefully this screencap isn't too spoilerific!

Awwww, Dean. Without you the whole show would be like this.

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This is my last uber personal post, I promise.

After watching Jim and Pam's wedding tonight I felt touched and humbled by the ideal of love portrayed on the screen. It reminded me of a quote from my favourite sitcom after The Office: Scrubs. This John C. McGinley soliloquy is amazing and the way its filmed feels like he's talking right to me- and he's so spot on.

Here's the extended speech for anybody interested. Its not as topical, but still amazing.

I'm ready for the jokes about taking a silly tv show seriously, but Jim/Pam love exists. I've seen it with my own eyes (I was raised by parents who were and still are in Jim/Pam love). Its incredibly rare and as Dr Cox points out, those individuals privileged enough to experience it are lucky... I sort of think fake reality dealt me a dose of real reality tonight.

Good night. Thanks, John- For giving it to me straight.