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Oh god. So much horirble alliteration. Meredith has found a website of 99 things you have to see on the intertubes. So if you are behind, check out what you've been missing. Meredith is a fan of the grape stomp. Anyway, I'm sitting in class looking at apartmenttherapy and accruing interior design ideas I'll probably never use.

A sweet DIY pillow customizer! Boring to awesome!!

This awesome artist!!! Need to get prints!
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My apartment is a mess. I have to wake up early for my 8:30 class... My mom is coming tomorrow and to help me pack and look for apartments.

Boo urns I say. BOO URNS. Oh well, I like my messy room and my stinky cats and I'm excited for my mom to come. Meredith and I have picked out songs to sing to her on Singstar to herald her arrival. *sigh*

Speaking of musical theatre, this is from one of the best movies EVAR!!
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Good morning lads and lasses.

Skyped with Joelio this morning and remembered why I friggin love that guy so much. Its irritating but I can't complain. haha. Even if he doesn't come back ever, I am totally hooked on the guy. *sigh* In hilarious news, he ripped his fav corduroys in the crotch. And doesn't seem to want to chuck them out. He may or may not attempt to sew them up himself. This could be dangerous. I'm glad I won't be there to see the blood flow.

I'm at the hostel until 7pm. I love working Sunday morning at the hostel. LOVE IT! This morning I'm eating chocolate and drinking coffee. The adorable intern from Germany brought chocolate. Bless her heart. And "Sentimental Journey" is on the oldies AM station. If you go to their website they advertise hearing aids and stuff. Shows their target audience I guess. Its going to be SO WEIRD when Justin Timberlake music is "oldies" or Britney Spears.
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People complain about their moms on facebook and getting into technology. Personally, I don't only want a techno-mom but a techno-grandma! I make every attempt to get my matriarchal elders into this new world. My mom has a Zune and Facebook and trolls Livejournal for fanfiction. My nana has Skype and Facebook and a kick ass Mac Desktop. Seriously, Nana has her "25 Things About Me" all written up. (She needs a little help making a facebook note, but you know, its progress.)

My dad has two laptops and is an electrical engineer but he needs just as much help as my mom nowadays. Part of their dining table configuration next to the salt and pepper is a Mini Crumb Vacuuming Robot.

They can't seek and download stuff like movies, music, etc themselves but my little sister (16) is slowly introducing him to the free open source software world with firefox and clam antivirus, VLC, etc and he's astounded at the amount of freeware in the world.

I took the picture of my mom with her Zune while she was loading the dishwasher. I said: "Show me your Zune," and she yelled, "WHAT?" because she had her headphones in and doesn't realize that I can hear her but she can't hear me. Noob.
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Is it just me, or does everyone totally get creeped out when they cross over the threshold of a small town. I think maybe I'm just paranoid, but I feel like everyone is just staring and glaring and you really feel like you are an outsider. In the city, even a small one, you are just another fishy swimming along. Here I feel like me and the other visitors are being sized up- which one of us is perfect to be sacrificed to the harvest god? Which one of our death's will best ensure the next years harvest? A mammoth gourd is really the biggest priority.

I'm here to finish some papers and also to be inspected by the local hooga booga instructor for attached entities. I say that with complete respect as I totally feel a bit followed around lately. Again, could be the paranoia, but it could also be a supernatural entity feeding off my emotional vulnerability. Doesn't hurt to get checked out

I worked night shift, all alone, all summer and really only a few Doctor Who episodes scared me. Lately things have happened like doors closing and locking behind me, door unlocking and opening after I closed and locked them, smelling smoke (not cigarette smoke), knocking from empty locked rooms, flashlights and light bulbs not working, people showing up on the camera in the parking lot but when I look out the window- nobody. Just that kind of general creepiness.

So yeah, hooga booga instructor, here I come.
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I had a project due with a partner tomorrow but at the beginning of the week she fell and injured her back. She had to go home to her parents so she could have back sugery and be driven to the hospital every day (not to mention have someone to help her as she couldn't walk).

She emailed the professor about getting an extension because there was no way we could collaborate and finish this project in time. She had no internet access at her parent's house, just phone. She relayed to me that the professor said we can either try to hammer it out together or hand in individual assignments (doing twice the work mind you) on Friday (tomorrow morning at 8:30am) but we couldn't have an extension. We decided we'd try to hammer it out together the best we could over the phone as it would be easier than all attempting the work of two people in half the time.

My partner emailed the professor again earlier today saying there was no way we could do it and if we could please have an extension. She included her doctor's note and explained the situation further (no internet access, etc). Around 11pm tonight the professor emailed me saying that I have to hand in my individual assignment tomorrow morning or be subject to penalty but my partner gets an extension. She did not explain her expectations for an individual assignment and she stressed that I was instructed from the get go to hand in an individual assignment.

However this is the first email I've received from the professor regarding the matter. Its midnight. I have an exam tomorrow. I have no idea what she wants. I can't do all of my partner's research and write both halves of the essay tonight in time for class tomorrow or study for my midterm. What the fuck. Tomorrow I'm going to have to talk to her and if she doesn't give me an extension then I have to figure out some way to appeal this (I have no idea where I'd go).

If her decision stands, I fail the course. I can't hand it in tomorrow and the next day I can hand it in is next Monday. I receive a 5% late penalty every day including the weekend until I hand it in. I would fail the assignment and therefore have to get perfect on all my other assignments and the exam in order to pass.

I'd like to remind my dear readers that I pay $500 a course essentially. (That figure is rounded down.) There is no way I'm putting up with this.

I still have to study for my midterm and wake up in 7 hours. I am FUMING mad. FUMING.

I know what I've done is wrong and I'm so sorry. Especially to Meredith. I hope you never find out because you are going to whoop my ass.

I feel that I've let down everyone.... especially myself. But I was walking home from a shitty apartment viewing on the other side of town/15 minutes away and it was icey and wet and the wind was driving and I just needed some comfort.... *sobs*.

I tried to say no, but I just couldn't. I could see it from the street. It beckoned me. I knew I'd just feel dirty afterwards but... it called to me... it coerced me... like a merciless sirene from sea tales of old.

Look at it. That's a good inch or so of icing on the top. I'm only half way done. I feel sick and queasy but it was soooo worth it. Now I know why doves cry.
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Oh Dear God.
Shoot me now. Are you ready for the crazy that is this chick? I don't think you are. I mirror every sentiment Simon makes towards this mess.

The best part of this clip is not the bouncing underneath an unflattering fabric, or Paula's generous ring giving ceremony, or even the akward Seacrest mauling..

But this shining moment where headband guy mirrors the reaction of North America as we witness this horror:

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Alysson has turned me onto Apartment Therapy. The best damn design website I've seen. The only thing is, they have hundreds of friggin posts a day. How am I supposed to find ANYTHING.
I think I shall just post what I love here under the label "interior design" and then I can just follow that label and see everything when the time comes to design.

Budget Friendly Wall Ideas

(I especially love the door knob coat hooks and the tree branch mug rack.)

Kitchen Upgrades for Renters

Microwave UNDER the counter! WILD!

Cover Your Switchplates with Fabric Scraps
This is awesome. I love it.
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Look at this floofy thang. She's just cuddling in my bed with me. Occasionally biting me to break down my spirit. Her cuteness is a ploy. She is never nice. She routinely shuns Boris from the bed and physically bullies him to the point where he is a jumpy, paranoid, freak cat.

Its a drizzly night and I can't sleep. I thought I'd find comfort in my google reader. A thoughtful blogger has decided to post this video. Thanks. Now I'll sleep soundly knowing that the doom of 99% of the population is an asteroid away.

Oh god. The apocalypse. Eight degrees celsius in Ottawa in the middle of February has got to be a sign.

In other news, I desperately want to find an apartment just so I have an excuse to get my mom to help me clean my current apartment. Saaad. Seriously I have way to much stuff. I did a huge cleaning upon my return from Norway but my lack of any substantial time to devote to the task is hindering. I get halfway done cleaning my room and then have to do homework or real work or go to class or have to watch stupid Tatiana on American Idol and then my half clean room slowly gets full capacity messy again. Then I get it down to half clean again--- you see the cycle of filth. It never ends and its crushing my SOUL.
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I want this hairstyle again.

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Everyday I drool and stare at my blog roll taking in probably thousands of links. Most of them are boring and suck. Some of them are painfully amazing. Some of them are just plain interesting to me. I always want to find someone to send them to. To share them with. Instead I'm just going to post them here every day and add them as I find them. Some of my favourite blogs are Feministing, Snootysims, Deus Ex Malcontent, Environmental Grafitti, and The Pioneer Woman. These are just a few man. You have no idea. (P.S. Yes, I'm addicted to Perez Hilton too, even though I find him appalling.)

There are new sims 3 videos on youtube. I haven't seen them yet, but I assume because by virtue of being Maxis the content is just the same rehashed footage with 30 new seconds of talking head repeating something from a press releases. (1 & 2)

I hate stuffwhitepeoplelike because its sort of true. They totally left out clever math tattoos! (stuffwhitepeoplelike)

Smoking weed is bad for your ballsack. Seriously. I'm definetely sending this to my neighbours who feel like it is necessary three times a day. A great smell to wake up to... (AOL Health)

Looks like David Icke was right! I feel like a fool for not believing him. A FOOL! (totallylookslike)

And the coolest link of the day so far is about hurling yourself from a cliff... (Environmental Grafitti)
Adoring and loving public,
I'd like to take a second totell you that magazines are SO EFFING EXPENSIVE nowadays. I can only assume because they make less revenue as everything is online now. Please please please go out and support the print publications you love or they will become so expensive to produce that it will all just stop. I love my magazines and don't want them to be expensive, or worse, completely out of print.

Its nice to have everything online but I like having back issues to flip through. Especially because you never know when you'll be writing a project and all of a sudden you remember something relevant in National Geographic and its right there in a file under your desk.

Meredith and I keep all our magazines and journals stowed away in our little storage box ottoman foot stools. I keep all my National Geographic in a special cubby hole in my giant desk full of nooks and crannies (along with super recent issues that I like to flip through for a month or two before they get filed away in the box).

These were the magazines on my desk:

Come on dear readers,
Support print publication!
Mainly Nate Geo!
Yes! Here comes another one! Remember when every post ended in one? Well I was just reading a paper called "When the Mother of Race is Free' and felt that Darwin was particularly sexist and was inspired. I have to go through four readings tonight for the class "Women, Race and Power" so I wouldn't be surprised if a few more feminist haiku's pop up.
Oh my dear Ovum,
Lame! You are just a sperm bin!
Patriarchy sucks!
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Harold Saxon Obama speech generator presents...

My fellow Americans, today is a smelly day. You have shown the world that "hope" is not just another word for "book", and that "change" is not only something we can believe in again, but something we can actually fart.

Today we celebrate, but let there be no mistake – America faces pretty and blue challenges like never before. Our economy is long. Americans can barely afford their mortgages, let alone have enough money left over for noodles. Our healthcare system is ruffled. If your thumb is sick and you don't have insurance, you might as well call a equestrian. And America's image overseas is tarnished like a vase tower. But birthing together we can right this ship, and set a course for Ottawa.

Finally, I must thank my hairy family, my stripey campaign volunteers, but most of all, I want to thank loom operators for making this historic occasion possible. Of course, I must also thank you, President Bush, for years of breast feeding the American people. Without your artsy efforts, none of this would have been possible.

Inauguration Speech Generator