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My April Fool's day was going so well. I had convinced the majority of my friends and family that I was engaged only to crush their hopes and laugh in their faces. I felt wonderful. Then I had to get down to work, which is fine... that's the way life goes...

Until a group started complaining that I wasn't doing enough "work"... Sigh. Here's the thing about group projects in university:

I have a group project for every class. 5 groups. Thats roughly 15 other people that I have to coordinate my life with. I do what I can do and I can't let one group get more attention than the others. It sucks but that's why group work is a bitch. Only this one group has complained that I don't participate enough (even though I devote more time to them than to anybody else.

Fuck this. I'm taking a break to make JELLO!

P.S. Tomorrow is the day Meredith and I are devoting to finishing our Umbanda project. UMBANDA DAAAAY!!
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Any of you who have me on facebook or twitter are probably wondering what's going on with the engagement. This should clear up any questions you have.