Choosing between Dr. Cox and GOB Bluth was just about the hardest thing I have EVER done including my 13 year stint at a convent in Tibet.

Second hardest thing after that was choosing which one of these banners to use. I chose Jemaine for adorableness + awkwardness.
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I woke up and all the clocks were different times!!! My phone said it was 4:11, my alarm clock said 5:30, the microwave said 6:39!!! The microwave is right of course. I'm so mad! I didn't have time to shower, I just brushed hair into ponytail, brushed teeth, contact lenses, clean clothes, out the door. I look/feel disgusting and I'm starving and I'm not really awake yet.

Can you feed the kitties? I'm sure they will be ravenous by now and "reminding" you gently anyway. I didn't have time to grab my food either. If you have time later could you bring the remaining raviolis and a little sauce? If you don't have time I'll just order food but I'd like to try to avoid spending precious moolah on fancy food when I have fancy food at home.

I'm going to try and nick breakfast from the continental breakfast buffet. Sorry if I left a mess in my wake. I need to tidy when I get home, but I really didn't have time to watch what I was doing.

Amanda Stanley
University of Ottawa