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Hey gang! I'm pretty exhausted from writing term papers and playing videogames (my life is a difficult one). In any case, my mother has pointed out that most of the things I want don't really ship to Canada in an easy way. So, for her convenience, I've decided to make a CANADIAN LIST! woo.

P.S. If you care, the current papers I'm writing are about a)Marcus Aurelius and b) The Comparison of Ancient Mayan and Ancient Greek Architecture!


The Sims 2 Castaway
I thought long and hard about if I really wanted it... and after seeing the trailer I def. need to have it.

The Sims 2 Teen Style Pack
Don't judge me. I have an addiction... and it's to getting NEW ITEMS WOO! In other news, my Legacy is at Gen6. I bet I will be finished by the end of xmas break. Annie, I propose a race!

Scented Candles!!

I love having different smells around. If you are used to smelling one scent or candle or whatever, you stop getting that pleasant olfactory pleasure. Many candles: Manly pleasures. (Also, here is another Canadian link to more wonderfully smelly things.)

Hot Rollers
To make my hair HUGE and curly!

Bedside Table Reading Lamp
I have one at my desk, but I don't have one for my bed. A must-have for every reader!

Many, many, MANY of these please. I will pack 1/4 of my suitcase in anticipation of bringing home many tins o' cookie.

iPod Docking Clock Radio

My old alarm clock is dead... Kicked the bucket... Sold the farm... Sleeping with the fishes. Plus, it didn't play my iPod, did it?

Back Scrubber and Bath Lily
(I put them together bc they are both scrubbing items... items who scrub.) Also my old loofa has gone the way of my old clock radio, so it would be nice to have a new one. Also, how do the centre of backs get truly clean if they can't be scrubbed with a cactus body brush?

Mid Level Dedicated Graphics Card

It's nice to have beautiful graphics on a notebook. Sooo nice. Also, Mom... Dad... You probably don't know what this is, so here is a link explaining it all. Also, if you ask me, I can send you the dxdiag (everything the Futureshop Guy needs to know about my computer) file.

New Thermos
For all my liquid containing needs. Also, preferably one that a) fits in my backpack beverage holster and b) doesn't look like a sex toy.

Area Rug
Now that I've reorganized my bedroom, I have a big open space in the centre. It's cold on the feet. Plus the cats need a new place to barf.
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1. Ewan McGregor

He's always been my number one. He always will be. There is something about the Scotch bastard that I just love. Maybe it's his eyes or his half smile that just sets me at ease. To me he is perfection. Not thin not fat not muscley not wirey. Not GORGEOUS not ugly not plain. He doesn't look overly old he doesn't look very young. He is secure in his masculinity. He's silly, confident, spontaneous, adventurous... I don't even know where to stop.

2. Russell Brand

He's hilarious. He's a self-righteous cunt. He probably thinks he's way more important than he actually is... but he has this sex appeal that is hard to describe. (P.S. I found an unflattering picture of him in jeans and a tshirt. Also, in tighty whiteys...) Also, I know his look is completely manufactured and I dont care.

3. Noel Fielding

He's a bigger whore than me and looks the part. He plays my twin Vince Noir... We're like budgies. He's a bit wirey, but forgiveably so. I pretty much would shag him for his hilariousness. Maybe if he sang me a song... Did a little dance (scratch that, he's a horific dancer). Unfortunately he's dating (IMO) the fugliest girl known to man, and when an adorable celebrity guy does that, odds are he's gayer than the gay is long.

Also, if we shagged I'd make him talk like Old Greg... A hottie in his/her own right, despite the downstairs mixup.
Here he is cuddling with Julian Barratt. I'd also shag him all night dressed up like this.

4. Adam Baldwin

Oh my god I love him. I can't tell anyone how much I love him. He's enormous bod, he's gruff angry voice. This one time he was on Bones and Annie and I called eachother instantly to discuss it... Meredith was upset.

5. John Krasinski

The adorable, dorky, everyman who plays Jim and "that adorable, dorky, everyman" in a million crappy romcoms. Something about him is just... GAH. When Ewan is gone, JKras will take over as my perfect dream guy.

6. Colin Firth
Of all the men on my shag list, Colin is on my "marryable" list. He is what all the other men are on this list (except he probably isn't violent, has no trace of glam in him, and can't talk like The Voice of Jazz). He is mature is what I'm trying to say, yet still has a small tightwad english boy inside him.

7. Bruce Campbell
Nuff said... Ahoy...

8. David Bowie

"He has the amulet! He is the chosen one!"

He's biting a bum here.

9. Nathan Fillion

He's another everyman on my list. Also, he has tight pants and has a visibly ENORMOUS package. Maybe he's on the marryable list too.

10. Colin Farrell

He smokes. He drinks. He womanizes. He's violent, angry, rough around the edges, hairy, mean He's Irish. In any case, when you see a rare glimpse through the anger and violence, you can see something else. Something very interesting. I can't even describe it. If Farrell was an element he'd be Fire.