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I just washed some softy sheets and instead of just putting new sheets on my bed I dug into my linen trunk and pulled out all sorts of wacky patterns and colours (I was sick of always co-ordinating them). Meredith helped me put the pink plaid duvet cover on my duvet. I'm so excited to snuggle down into it, but I have to stay up rather late tonight so I can sleep all day and work night shift tomorrow night. I've just crawled into bed against my better judgement. It feels like a hot cup of tea... mmm maybe I need a hot cup of tea.

Who fancies a snuggle??

I have a lot of creams and lotions and potions on my bedside table. I like to moisturize before I sleep. Sue me.

I'll probably post later if I get bored or find a meme or something. I'm on msn and bored and up all night so IM ME!

P.S. I miss Alysson dearly. I wish she had good internet.
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I can't sleep. Listening to a lot of Oasis and Morrissey. I feel like an angsty 16 year old boy but with big boobs.
Love listening to popular songs live when the audience sings the chorus. Hearing thousands of people sing something in unison is sort of awesome. Very energetic and lively. I feed off the sound of their excited little faces.

P.S. My crack voice makes another appearance. I tried to do a real face to cam blog with my laptop but the sound randomly didn't work so it's just 2 and a half minutes of me mutely talking and making animated facial expressions and picking up objects and talking about them.

P.S.S. Oasis = guilty pleasure douchebaggery. Noel Gallagher = grumpiest old man ever... he could be my DAD!
Speaking of people old enough to be my dad, random old (30+) men have been taking romantic interest in me lately. Unless they are actually cool or rich like Noel Gallagher, I'm not putting up with crotchety old men
"CAN I GET AN OM-LETTE!" (Annie and I love to say this with a Manchester accent. Don't ask.)

P.S.S.S. Reading about death makes me feel so alive.
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I'm actually really glad it's rainy. I love rainy. It's just very foreboding as I go into an exam. Also, I'll have to sit for hours in wet jeans. Not cool. Hopefully I can be in and out rather quickly. (TWSS)

Also, I'm very expensive on Facebook.

P.S. I have crackvoice (TM) in my video but it's because I went out to that office party and we went to Minglewoods after and the company bought us a few rounds.... AND I DID CRACK and it was awesome.

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First on the docket, much to Alysson's chagrin, I've dug out my old pink Havianas and bought a pair of board shorts to ring in summer. They are so light, and fluffy (the shorts) and the Havianas have been with me a few years (I got them in France, that's how old they are). I tried to find some classier replacements today but couldn't find anything that was open enough and comfy enough.

Secondly, I think my cats can drum. I was listening to the Fratellis and Olivia was beating up a Bay bag and it was sort of in time with the music. How sweet is that. My little Tommy Lee kitties.

Russell is starting to get all this publicity again for being a sex maniac/addict. I guess to promote his new movie. He is baffling american media:
"I met Christina Aguilera before she was pregnant," said Brand. "Although I was releasing a lot of spores that day, I don't think the baby's mine. I can't make any claims to it."
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I was just rickrolled by the Doctor! Ahahaha.

Series 1 "Father's Day" when they are in the car driving to the wedding. What do I hear? You guessed it. lolz
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Hello my friend! (Possibly the creepiest greeting ever.)

I've spent about an hour just ripping through my apartment looking for AA batteries to put in my camera. I feel like some kind of drug addict looking for... drugs. I used to be such a camera whore and my computer was full of pictures of me but my laptop's built in webcam is CRAAAAP and my real digital camera is CRAAAP (and is a glutton for the AAs... I don't mean the bra size! ba dum dum...). So anyway, I found five AAs and try them all and they are DEAD. I'm thinking about getting rechargeable ones because I use them so much. I know I worked in a hardware store and should know, but are they much more expensive? Because I'm dirt poor.

Today Meredith and I went to The Market and had lunch and cocktails and it was pleasant. Afterwards we went and got a little indoor herb growing kit for us to nurture this summer. THEN we went and split a small Tin Roof Blizzard. It was delicious. I also bought the new sims stuff pack because I'm also a junkie for that and there is a promotion on where if you buy two sims games you get one free and the sales associate was all: "PROMOTION!" and I whispered: "I have them all already." and he was like" Ahh...."

Sooo, later on I went and wrote my Witchcraft exam and I think I did very well. I feel quite confident and my professor gave me an encouraging wink when I handed it in. *le sigh*

For supper Meredith and I went to the Royal Oak for some cheap pub grub and patio loving. Crappy campus bars are starting to grow on me. How sad.

Tomorrow morning she has an exam at 9:30 and she, Alex, and I are going to Zak's afterwards for some breakfast/lunch. That means I have to wake up in like 6-7 hours. Ew. Worse for her I guess because she has to write an American Lit exam. I will be spending all day tomorrow studying for Fantasy Lit, which is at least interesting... some of it. I'm doing quite well in the course so if I don't do so well on the exam it's okay. It's alarming that I can do so well in a fantasy lit course without reading Lord of the Rings.
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I suck painfully at being an adult.

The other day there was a fire in the building behind us and our whole block was blocked off. It was sort of nuts. If I go out to our fire escape I can reach out and touch this building practically. Our apartment smelled like smoke and burnt tar. Sexy.

In other news, today Meredith and I went for a stroll in the market and her ankle kind of did one of those snap-twists on a crack in the sidewalk. In the minutes after her injury she turned pale, broke into a sweat, and almost fainted. It was a little intense. We nabbed us a cab and zoomed home. Meredith put her ankle up on one of our many conveniently placed ottomans and took a few Tylenol. Does being a little amused make me a bad person?
To commemorate the end of this years classes, Meredith and I got a lot of candy and coke and watched Torchwood series 2 and ran about like maniacs. It was great. My favourite thing about Torchwood besides the sex/violence/Trek-like camera angles= WEE BACKPACKS AND THEIR SURPRISE APPEARANCES!

Tomorrow I'm going out with her to hand out resumes. Then on Sunday morning we are going out to Algonquin College because Laura has a ton of money left on her card that won't get refunded (and she won't spend it). So we are going to have ourselves some non-perishable food items. (And maybe a few perishable ones). Then Alysson, Laura, Meredith, and I are coming back here for Alysson's Ottawa birthday (Laura will be in Saskatchewan and Alysson will be in Picton for her real birthday). We are going to have a Doctor Who marathon and Meredith and I got Alysson something special (updates later....). Then we are going out for sushi. God I will be so poor.

New Doctor Who tomorrow. It was very silly last week. God. I just want to get ROSE BACK! ROOOOOSE!!
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Firstly, the JKras interview on Conan made me laugh until I cried and will provide fodder for my giggles for years to come.

Also, I've been super busy with work and exams and term papers etc so I haven't really been updating so much. It's kind of crazy.

For my anthropology term paper I'm was observing non-verbal communication in a campus bar and I chose F&S stupidly. The first night we went was extremely busy because of the hockey game and our waitress was pretty nice. We got nachos and a couple pints and we got them quickly, she checked on us, etc. The second night the place was empty and I knew the waitress from high school so we go our stuff pretty quick but it was pretty disgusting. Tonight we went and waited for about 15 minutes and left. They didn't even bring us MENUS! I was so pissed. We just left without a word and headed for the Royal Oak which, even though screwed up my order (I asked for no bacon on my sandwhich) apologized profusely and gave me a free desert. Gah. I did get a lot of info about male bonding ritual, etc from the hockey night and awkward campus flirting. I got a lot of more normal pub interaction at Royal Oak (it was about 90% less gross. haha).

I know that every UOttawa student seems to like F&S but I find it really repulsive.

In other news, working at the hostel has been pretty good. It's weird to not work retail. I've worked a few night shifts and a few day shifts to get the hang of things. There are a few areas that creep me out and there are a few places in the hostel where I definetely feel paranoid, like I'm being watched. I also get creeped out watching the security cameras because sometimes you just see a little flash or something.

I've certainly met a lot of interesting people though.

In Sims News: I accidentally corrupted a bunch of stuff when I moved my GIANT legacy and all their offshoots to the new neighbourhood resulting in an intense lag which prevents me from playing. I had to delete my old neighbourhood (with my legacy inside it) and load a new neighbourhood. I'm trying not to think about how many hours are gone. -_-