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I like to have different playlists for different moods. Guess my current mood from my current playlist. :P It shouldn't be hard.
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This is the best Post Secret ever!! (That I've seen recently anyway.)
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Listen, I know everyone loves Twilight; for lols or for realz-whatever. My best friend even loves it. Last weekend at the hostel two girls grilled me for not liking it and I didn't really say anything in response because I think taste isn't good or bad but subjective. I love Logan's Run... and its really not any technically better in the eyes of most people. If someone said: "Why do you dislike Twilight?" my simple and honest answer would be: "It is a true fuck you to the female sexual liberation movement, that's why."

I want to say something right now because two more girls at the hostel (I'm at work) just bitched me out for not liking it again. I didn't say anything I wanted to because I didn't want to get into a silly argument. I pretty much just said I didn't like the writing or the characters and left it at that. Because I couldn't say what I wanted to say to them and I never have really said what I think I will say it now.

I felt that the movie (I haven't been able to get past the first chapter in the book) was a very blatant allegory about abstinence. I felt that it was all about denying ourselves what is natural: biologically and emotionally. The main character is an impossibly ostentatious teenage girl who is, as a literary element, hollow and idealistic. She falls for a creepy century old sparkly vampire who is constantly watching her and appearing at opportune times.

The chick desperately yearns to be literally bitten by the vampire but also wants his sex. He refuses because he doesn't want to "taint" her soul. Even though her "outrageous flavour" is like a pie on the proverbial windowsill he contains himself because he loves her.

What bothers me about this flick is that the male protagonist is solely responsible for making moral decisions and chicki-poo is seen as not capable of making such a decision of her own accord. Whenever she does make a decision, such as meeting antagonist!vamp, they are always the wrong choice- the immoral decision.

P.S. I couldn't not mention this factor. haha
"What's that at the end of my nose? Oh, the rest of the fucking world! ahahaha"
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If this was meant as satire or humour I missed it completely. I can't take it as a joke. I'm sorry if I look like I don't have a sense of humour, but about this I don't. Sadly, I think these people really honestly believe what they are saying. I've never been so offended. What bothers me even more is that this is the image being projected to Americans about Canada. I didn't think Americans like this actually existed, I thought it was just a silly stereotype. I guess not.

Check out the Globe and Mail article for a rundown of his ignorance.

Americans: Don't believe this. Its ignorant, its offensive, and it completely crosses the line.

@BillSchulz I really couldn't hate anybody more than I hate you right now. You are an ignorant, spiteful imbecile. Read a fucking book.
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An open letter to everyone in the entire world,


"everything's gonna be ok"

Just remind yourself, EGBOK. Today, after picking soggy hairballs from the shower drain, today when I thought "Boy, your boyfriend is really doesn't give a damn about you", today when I ate Kraft Dinner and the dairy caused tummy unpleasantness: I stood up, wiped the tears from my eyes and said to myself... "Self, EGBOK."

If you are feeling super horrible, like I was earlier, just remember that EGBOK. EGBOK. EGBOK.

We all feel crappy, and worthless, and dejected, and sick, and alone, and lonely, and unloved, and ugly, and useless, and dead, and, to be quite general, like the lint that has been blown out the window, not even loved by the fuzzy sweater from whence it was birthed, squeezed into life by heat and swirly air fluff settings, only to be rejected.... We are worth more then that! Even though you don't feel like it, you are worth more than that. I promise you that there is at least one person that loves you so much that they'd hurl themselves in front of a train, leap from the Grand Canyon or drop into a ravine of stampeding wildebeast just for you.

You may be the first person who invents a spray that vapourizes dog poo! You could be that person! So whenever you feel like giving up, just remember... EGBOK! For your sake, and for the sake of poo-steppers everywhere.

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Damnit!! Why did it have to be pushed back!? Why am I being tortured like this!? Why am I soo emotionally invested in a casual game??? I don't know. But I'm almost 100% sure Grant is not a Sims fan!
I think I've found an apartment! I'm going to sign the lease tomorrow!! Lets wish and hope and pray to Doctor Who/God/Morgan Freeman that everything works out. Until then I will fantasize and daydream about design decision I will soon be able to make!!

I want to do this with my cupboards of the future!!! How awesome and functional??

Via Apartment Therapy
This St. Pat's started out horribly. (None of our friends wanting anything to do with us.) I felt really dejected and depressed. But Meredith and I decided to have fun on our own. We had little appetizers and cocktails and watched dancing movies (Flashdance and Footloose) and then we did lots of dancing ourselves. Then we went to the diner. When I say "went" I mean "footloosed" to the diner. It was so fun. Just footloosing the whole way there. And everyone was just like: "We're all crazy drunk!!" But I wasn't crazy drunk. Just happy and feeling excellent from dancing.

I got an excellent Western Omelette (no ham) on some whole wheat toast. It came with french fries which I didn't eat so I got it to go. I was footloosing down the street and in the Byward Market building there were these two older homeless guys who cheered me on and asked me for change. I didn't have any but I asked if they would like my french fries and they were like: "Sure!" so I gave them my french fries and danced onwards. They called me Sweetheart which I love. I got a bit tired halfway home (going up the hill footloosing is harder than going down the hill footloosing).

We started watching the Birdcage when we got home but were too tired. So we're just going to sleep in and watch it in the morning.

In light of how wonderful and liberating my dancing felt tonight I decided to post some clips of my favourite all time dancing scenes!!!

Everything in Strictly Ballroom

Yul Brenner in The King and I

Teaching Willard to Dance (Footloose)

P.S. Christopher Penn, John Lithgow, and Dianne Weist(sp?) won my heart in this movie. Chris Penn especially. Look at him learning to dance!!!! His solo at the end just melts my heart.

Shall We ダンス

I couldn't find any of the good dancing scenes from this movie, but its essentially about a stuffy business man learning to ballroom dance. It's one of my favourites. I'm attempting to find the whole movie online somewhere. It's not really a movie about ballroom dancing as much as it is a movie about self expression. It's beautiful! I also defy anyone to not be charmed by a significantly younger Kôji Yakusho.

P.S. This all reminds me of staying up late with Joel in a Czech hotel watching scary ballroom dance competitions. haha.
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Here are my top Jelly Bean flavours!!

1. Pink Grapefruit
2. Buttered Popcorn
3. Doctor Pepper
4. Green Apple
5. Wild Blackberry

P.S. You can see my T.A.R.D.I.S. piggy bank in the background of this picture.
P.S.S. They totally look like dinosaur eggs!!
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Firstly, I'd like to present my cat Olivia kneading and suckling my housecoat... *sigh* I know I'm a cat lady. Don't patronize me

This is so frustrating. This is my second month of apartment hunting. I've applied to countless places and seen SO MANY apartments. Its so disappointing. It really makes me not want to leave this apartment. I have no choice though. Please Doctor Who/God/Morgan Freeman: Let me find a decent 1 bedroom apartment within 15 minutes walking distance to the school for under $850 (including utilities)... PLEASE! I saw two apartments this morning. One was FABULOUS and perfect in everyway except another couple applied for it already. I'm next if their credit check or something falls through. :( BOO URNS.

Then I saw another place in a highrise which was very spacious and bright but not as well-maintained as I'd like. The windows panes were metal too. UGLY. I'd have to have some really nice window treatments going on. And the balcony felt as if it was going to crumble under my feet. Very nerve wracking. I spent the next hour wandering up and down each street in Sandy Hill (on the Rideau side of Laurier). I called countless places and left messages so hopefully a bunch of those will get back to me. Now tomorrow I'm seeing three apartments in the span of an hour. One at 3:30pm, one at 4:15pm, and another at 5pm. At least they are all in the same neighbourhood. I have a feeling that they will all be a bit sketchy.

In other news, caught up with Flight of the Conchords last night and downloaded Star Treks 2&4. I will watch them alone this afternoon like a losaaaar.




And lastly but not leastly(??) SHORT SHORTS. Jemaine peen was very prevalent throughout this episode. I'd Garfunkle him anyday!
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I also made this calendar desktop wallpaper. It sort of shows how bad I want spring to get here. I am also eager to show off my new photoshop brushes grifted from the bowels of of th tubes (deviantart).

I'll share an inferior version with you here.
The full resolution of my monitor (1280x800) is too big for photobucket to handle so unless you want me to email it to you or something, TOO BAD! It's just for me anyways. Now NOBODY will have the same wally as me. (I'm trying to encorporate the term "wally" as desktop background... I don't know why, I just like to screw with linguistics.)

Look at this totally creepy brush (click for the big version):
Dear lord. This women's studies prof will be the end of me. She is such an idiot. Tell me... how the hell is "The L Word" an accurate representation of the lesbot community? ITS NOT! "OMG! LETS HAVE SEX AND BE CURATORS!" Also, I like how to be bisexual on that show its like you had to drain a baby of its blood and use it as bathwater or something.

Now, during the rest of this class's ridiculous conversation about how "empowering" this glorified soap opera is, I'm just going to check out interior design websites.

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Do you ever think of something hilarious but know you'll never get the opportunity to actually use it. I was just thinking that if I were a dude and I shaved my head into a shamrock pattern for St. Pat's day I might say something like: "I'm not lucky, I'm just shorn that way."

If only these opportunities came up more often.

In other news, how can I get my twitter synced up to my livejournal and blogger accounts? I would love if all my daily tweets went up in one post at the end of the day.

Thanks betches.

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Um... I guess I got an alibi now?
Do the Ugly/Pretty photo meme. 6 BW Face Portraits. 3 UGLY! 3 PRETTY!
P.S. Fair warning- when I wear makeup I get a little drag queenish.

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I'm afraid I ain't got no alibi.

Sometimes I feel like nobody sees me. It's my worst fear. Selfish, but true. It's not like I think I'm the smartest, most beautiful, fabulous-beyond-belief person in the entire universe. I just want people to see me and validate me as the not smart, not beautiful, not fabulous person I am. Does that make sense to you? There are so many things and people I love for their imperfections and I want people to see mine.

I was about to go to bed and I took out my contacts and couldn't see. I decided to take some pictures of myself whithout my contacts (I wouldn't be able to see myself to "pose" like normal.) I only took a few shots because I feel disoriented when I can't see anything. These are the pictures that actually focused/didn't cut off most of my face. You can click through for ginormous pore exposing versions (they are scaled down from the originals on my computer).

P.S. I made them black and white for dramatic effect. I wanted them to look old. Like they weren't from 2009 or any time in particular.

Don't feel pressured to comment. This is in introspective post. I almost made it private but that would sort of negate the purpose.
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How do my cats live? In a lap of LUXURY! That's how! Their new favourite treats are by Zuke's. They are seriously addicted. More addicted than those whiskas treats. The whiskas treats my as well be little carboard bits for all they care. Buyer beware, your cat will won't go back.

My cats also have their own "furniture" which include a box of toys (also a bed sometimes), a little box bed, their cat carriers (now cat condos), and a cat sized couch. I shit you not.

Blogger is too crappy to upload pictures right now, but they exist. Ohhhh yes. I have some pictures on my photobucket that I took for my landlord to show the apartment. Olivia attempted to ruin EVERY picture.

"Oh! You're taking a picture here? How clumsy of me to fall and expose my soft fluffalicious tummy region!"
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For info, contact my landlord, George.

I'm sad to leave the place. It's my little cosy home. Meredith is likely going to Alberta this summer and I can't afford it by myself. (And I don't want a roomie.)

It's a three story walk up on Laurier East just before Friel. 5 minutes to UofO.

Choosing between Dr. Cox and GOB Bluth was just about the hardest thing I have EVER done including my 13 year stint at a convent in Tibet.

Second hardest thing after that was choosing which one of these banners to use. I chose Jemaine for adorableness + awkwardness.
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I woke up and all the clocks were different times!!! My phone said it was 4:11, my alarm clock said 5:30, the microwave said 6:39!!! The microwave is right of course. I'm so mad! I didn't have time to shower, I just brushed hair into ponytail, brushed teeth, contact lenses, clean clothes, out the door. I look/feel disgusting and I'm starving and I'm not really awake yet.

Can you feed the kitties? I'm sure they will be ravenous by now and "reminding" you gently anyway. I didn't have time to grab my food either. If you have time later could you bring the remaining raviolis and a little sauce? If you don't have time I'll just order food but I'd like to try to avoid spending precious moolah on fancy food when I have fancy food at home.

I'm going to try and nick breakfast from the continental breakfast buffet. Sorry if I left a mess in my wake. I need to tidy when I get home, but I really didn't have time to watch what I was doing.

Amanda Stanley
University of Ottawa