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More bad news, I can't really go out and live my normal fun life anymore. If I get sick again I'm so in trouble. I hate being forced down- having to live a boring life. I want to go out and get my seratonin and adrenaline pumping... but it's ok, I'll just stay in and read or something. ><
I shouldn't complain. It will do me some good to sleep regularly and do normal things. I actually love reading! So I'm just in a bad mood from being sick. BOO-URNS
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I have tonsilitus and haven't been able to go to work. I've had two days of horrific fever. It hurts my skin to touch anything. The first day of fever was HORRIFIC and I just thought I would die.

We are totally understaffed at work and I knew that they would be screwed if I got sick, but I can't exactly go to work when I'm dying. The doctor said today I can't work for 48 hours. I felt totally horrible about calling in sick. When I talked to my boss she made me feel less bad about it.

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I've uploaded tons of "back issue" posts. (Posts made before on my private journal, but didn't post here.) I have posts back until March, so READ UP!
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Oh No. I've been so busy I haven't had time to manage both blogs. I'm trying to update some old back entries onto this journal, so there should be some newish entries soon.