I thought I wanted the time to go by faster. This was stupid because I have SO MUCH LIFE TO LIVE in 6 months!

My list of things to do before summer!
  • go horseback riding! (before it snows hopefully)
  • go to the movies at least every other month!
  • skate on the Rideau Canal
  • take a free gym class (tae cardio, total body conditioning)
  • buy a second hand bike (for under $50)
  • MAKE not BUY Christmas gifts for everyone I love (well, I can buy craft supplies)
  • go to at least 2 concerts
  • visit Picton for a weekend
  • clean my apartment (I mean REALLY clean! scrub the floors and walls! clean under all the furniture! clean out the cupboards! etc... p.s. I might need help for this one)
  • make sushi
  • have a nice hot bubble bath (at the hostel probably! haha)
This isn't like my vow of celibacy, I'm really going to do it! (Oh god, that quote will come back to haunt me.)