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I also made this calendar desktop wallpaper. It sort of shows how bad I want spring to get here. I am also eager to show off my new photoshop brushes grifted from the bowels of of th tubes (deviantart).

I'll share an inferior version with you here.
The full resolution of my monitor (1280x800) is too big for photobucket to handle so unless you want me to email it to you or something, TOO BAD! It's just for me anyways. Now NOBODY will have the same wally as me. (I'm trying to encorporate the term "wally" as desktop background... I don't know why, I just like to screw with linguistics.)

Look at this totally creepy brush (click for the big version):
Dear lord. This women's studies prof will be the end of me. She is such an idiot. Tell me... how the hell is "The L Word" an accurate representation of the lesbot community? ITS NOT! "OMG! LETS HAVE SEX AND BE CURATORS!" Also, I like how to be bisexual on that show its like you had to drain a baby of its blood and use it as bathwater or something.

Now, during the rest of this class's ridiculous conversation about how "empowering" this glorified soap opera is, I'm just going to check out interior design websites.