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Hullo my saucy little monkeys,
(I was channeling Craig Ferguson... Sorry I didn't make donkey sounds.)

Sorry it's been so horrendously long since I've updating. I have lots of stuff to update about- Mainly stuff that comes with moving and starting a new job, etc. Sooo, on to the updates:

New Job: I got a job in sales in the Ottawa area and I quite love it, especially because I get to wear fancy clothes and high heels all the time... Actually, I really only like the high heels at the beginning of the day... limping home in them is no fun. (Especially if I have to do a sprint/speed walk home because someone creepy is following me, i.e. Homeless dude.) My favourite part about the job is that if you make a sale over a pre-set amount, you get a star... and after a certain number of stars you get a gift certificate... This is called a "SUPER SALE". I almost made one yesterday and I was only off by a few dollars.

New Apartment: Well, I posted new pictures along with kitty cat pictures in my last post. The apartment is still surprisingly clean and uncluttered. I sweep my floor everyday and compulsively clean my bathroom. (It's completely white so it gets dirty faasst.) Living with Meredith is turning out quite well. We get along and compromise easily. She visits her mum a lot, so it's like living alone sometimes. Also, I live across from a coffee shop and I spend far too much time and money in there.

New Life: I'm completely in love with the boy who works across the street but I get the married and/or gay vibe from him. *le sigh* I don't need a relationship to be happy, but I wouldn't mind one. Also, I can never stay awake for all of Conan anymore. It's upsetting. We're getting satellite during the last week of June (when my parents come to visit) so I'll be able to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the afternoons. Leno and Conan will still be a stretch to stay awake for.

Tragedy: Olivia the cat ate TonyDanza the fish. I guess I should have seen that coming.
R.I.P. TonyDanza the fish.

I haven't been to busy to write haikus, even though my life has been busy. I will continue to write them down and record them here. (Not all of them... just some of them.)

They walk together,
For a moment their gaits sync,
But then it's over.