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I cleaned up the wishlist section. I got rid of stuff either I've gotten or don't really care much for anymore. I added one thing. Maybe if I have some spare time at some juncture I'll add more stuff.

Sometimes I read my horoscope just to pick out the flattering bits and go "Oooh, that's me!"

Because she is usually so attractive and charming, it is sometimes difficult for men to appreciate the talents and intellect of the typical Libra woman. In many ways she is the most feminine of the zodiacal types. It has been said that although she thinks like a man, she reasons like a woman. These women have a natural ability to make relationships work. Though self-sufficient, they are not happy alone and usually have a partner in their lives.

I swear it says that.

Tonight I'm going out with some gals from work for a birthday dinner and then afterward we are all going to the Orchestra. That being said I better get to sleep so I can be fresh faced and lovely. I have an extra ticket (no "plus one" sadly) but if someone wants to go the orchestra I have an extra ticket. It's at work though, so if you want to go I'd have to call them and see if it has been snatched up yet.
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I have irresponsibly gotten my cats high. I got them a new cat bed (cleverly shaped like a sofa) and there was cat nip all over it. Boris cautiously sniffed it and then proceeded to get off his tits. Olivia licked the handles and stuff and rolled around next to it, but Boris went crazy licking and sucking on the fabric of it. They are all burnt out/exhausted now. I should probably fill their food dishes because they are likely in for some munchies. ha

I'm going on a secret getaway for Canada Day. I want to fall off the grid for a few days and just do nothing. Just some relaxation and peace and quiet. Chaos follows me like a lost puppy so I'm sure it won't be peaceful and quiet, but whatever. haha. It will be nice to be away from the chaos of Ottawa on Canada Day.

Also, I just remembered the time that I saw Jon at Lees and I texted hiim with "OMG I SAW YOU" and he was like: "I DIDN'T SEE YOU" and I was like: "I'VE DYED MY HAIR AND I'M WEARING SUNGLASSES AND A BIG HAT" and he was like: "ARE YOU IN DISGUISE?" it was funny... because it seemed that I was.

I ran some errands today. Bank. Post office. Pet Store. Opticians. All in all, it's been a rather productive day. Well, out of the house anyway. I need to clean my room and do laundry HXC. I may just chill and do the inside stuff tomorrow. It's too lovely out.

I have today and tomorrow off and most of Thursday so I have a lot of time to catch up on laundry, etc.

P.S. Sorry about the cat sofa picspam. I really am.
I was so not ready for George Carlin to go. He was only 71. Remember when he was Mr. Conductor on Shining Time Station? I have nothing else to say.

"People say life begins at conception. I say life began about a billion years ago and its a continuous process. Its continuous. It just keeps rolling along."
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I have so many spoilery opinions of the new Doctor Who episode and until I find a way to make a "lj cut" on blogger I can't share them with you.

All I will say is this... WILF IS MY HERO!

The following links are spoilers. The exact moments where my wee heart broke. Damn you RTD.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Why am I so cool?
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I got this lovely dress today at the Gap. The Gap actually has the best sales of anyone in the whole world. It's convertible so it could be strapless or strappy. I don't know if I have any shoes I can wear. Oh I think I bought a pair when I worked at Reitmans that were like black and white. They'd probably look quite good. Though I'd rather find something similar to what the model is wearing.

It's also kind of see through. I'll have to experiment with underwear to find something that isn't visible under this dress. haha.
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Yesterday, besides not quite getting enough sleep, was pretty good. Meredith and I went to the chicken and rib cook off and it was GLORIOUS! I can't describe how amazing my chicken sandwich was. I want to go back today SO BAD. The smell enough was enough to faint. We met up with Kate and Amanda, jokingly referring to it as a double date. (Kate and I are the husbands and Amanda and Meredith are our wives. haha)

Then we went to the Honest Lawyer where there was some pretty decent live music. It wasn't very busy. The bouncer was sooo nice. All cute and smiley. There was a really really really drunk girl dancing in front of the band trying to seduce them. It was so bad it was funny. She was like stumbling around groping herself. She really got up in the guy's personal bubble and he amazingly continued singing and playing guitar. Our waitress told us that she was just here alone and very very drunk. And apparently she tried to order another drink and her boobs just fell right out of her top onto the bar. Needless to say adorable bouncer was like: time to go lady. She fought a bit and did some scratching and biting and punching. The bartender just gently lifted her and took her out of the bar. Afterward, he came by to talk to us and was like: Omg? Do I need a tetanus shot!?? It was so cute. He wanted us to come back tonight but I have to work. Boo. We tipped majorly because the waitress and bouncer had to put up with that crazy woman while still serving us really well.

When I got home I noticed the picture of my grandmother and I on my dresser had fallen on the floor and the frame had popped open. In the frame there was $40 hidden!! Rejoice! I think I'm going to grab breakfast with it.
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I got to work tonight and there was a $20 gift card waiting for me, thanking me for covering the night shift Saturday when somebody didn't come in. It feels so nice to be appreciated. I kind of thought it would slip by and nobody would notice because we are so busy.

I feel so sleepy on this nightshift but I'm not sure why. I slept a normal amount last night and then slept about 5 hours before this night shift. Just a little burnt out I guess.

I'll be on MSN all night so if you're bored MSN ME!

Time to fold sheets!
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It's strange that your 20. And also that we had both Harry Potter and Regency themed birthday parties.

I think to myself: Omg, it must suck to be so old.... but then I remember we are the same age. Its going to kill me when I'm not longer in my teens. I will probably cry softly to myself.
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The girl who quit called in sick again today so Naomi has to work tonight and can't do First Aid with me tomorrow. I have to do it all on my lonesome. *cry cry*

Meredith and I went to the park to "read" (see: people watch). There were a group of runners warming up and they did lunges in unison, but not any normal lunge, a lunge-walk combo. It was like a crazy army of lungers. I can't stress enough how hilarious this was. I almost died laughing, it's good that I was about 150 yards away or I would have offended their lunging sensibilities.

Lungers, lungers! Why!?
You have to know you look dumb?
Just stretch normally!
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Last night the girl working overnight called in sick and the girl with the day off wasn't answering her phone. I was switching to days so I had been awake for about 20 hours already. (With a few hours sleep here and there). Anyway, I was about to go to sleep when work called me and I was like: if you can work a few extra hours I can sleep for 4-5 hours and then come in and cover. What we ended up doing was me going there around 11pm and sleeping there, but putting up the houseparent sign in case of emergency. Then I woke up at 4am to do as much overnight stuff as I could. It was kind of hectic. But now I have another day off (re: today). Hm, what to do? Maybe a picnic? Nap at the park. Sounds nice.

Tomorrow I start my first aid certification. I'm afraid I'll suck at it. I'm totally going to slip the CPR dummy some tongue.
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I was supposed to switch over but I fell asleep in the middle of the day and then I couldn't sleep all night. I will try not to sleep until tonight. (Unless I end up actually doing something fun, which I assume with exhaust me to the point of falling asleep anyway.)

I work at 10am tomorrow so hopefully I can switch over before then.

In other news this is what I've done in my hours sitting quietly in my room
  • made cd for my mom
  • trolled countless forums
  • downloaded and subsequently lip synched a great deal of Mama Cass
  • browsed EBay and other often frequented online shopping sites
  • played with cats
  • napped (briefly, for about an hour)
My life is so secure and boring right now. I want to do something crazy to shake it up. Not even crazy, just different. Not even different for regular society, but different for me.
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Several alarming things to report. Firstly, Meredith and I watched the new Doctor Who which is about a swarm of creatures called the "Vashta Nerada" or something to that effect which live in shadows and prey upon anyone dumb enough to stumble into them. They travel in shadows and the dark...

The lights in the staircase of the hostel have gone out and the emergency back up lights went out as well. I've been running up and down the stairs all night from circuit box to circuit box trying to get some power. I'd like to point out that this hostel is creepy enough at night with all the lights on. In pitch black with only a crappy flashlight to find my way through cell blocks and corridors, it's totally freaky.

Secondly, our lobby bathroom is locked. From the inside. And I've banged on it and been all: HELLO! ARE YOU OKAY! And no answer. What the hell? I've been running around a lot so I haven't noticed anyone go in or out. Omg I'm thinking of Meredith's story from Loblaws where some crazy guy locked himself in the bathroom for days and smeared his poop everywhere.

Please. Please let there be no smeared hobo poop.
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Tomorrow hopefully I'm going out with Sue and Meredith for lunchie and then going to doctor's at 2:30. Then Friday I have WHMIS training and then catching the VIA Train to Picton. Saturday is Alysson's lovely party and also the new Doctor Who and then Sunday morning I'm coming home, sleeping, and then working a night shift at 11pm.

Also, I EFFING LOVE my DS and all my gamey games and my little case for it. So cute.

I'm so tired so NIGHTY NIGHT.

Yo! Scary pencil!
Dear God! Please don't draw black holes!
I'll get sucked away!

I worked 9 hours and was so absolutely wiped at the end that it took me forever to count my cash. Several minutes were spent just staring at the cash not even thinking. It was raining and I was fallign asleep so I took a cab, stumbled up the stairs, showered and passed out cold. I woke up a little while ago and watched the new Doctor Who (which is all set in a library that takes up a WHOLE planet, Alysson! and the librarians are androids with donated faces!) I'm rather awake now so I'm all "gah nothing to do". I'm watching SNL until 4am and then I'm sure it will be hard to find any quality programming. Maybe I'll fall back asleep or listen to a podcast or something. I'm thinking about going out for breakfast but I don't know where (or which whom). I'm hoping Sue will maybe want to. I miss that gal.

I have something sad to report: When I moved all my Doctor Who (4 seasons) and Torwchood (2 seasons) they sort of messed up the files so they don't play properly. I now have to redownload ALL OF IT. I'm sort of depressed about that. Not cool. If anyone has any good mass download links, that would be life saving. Like one big torrent or something. So I don't have to download the individual episodes. :(

P.S. My mom is ADORABLE!